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SIM335 Managing Projects

Faculty of Business and Law
Level: 3 Module: SIM335 Managing Projects
Assignment Code: SIM335 Module Leader: Michael Cassop-Thompson
Issue date: Friday 14th August 2009 Return date: Friday 9th October 2009
Contribution to module assessment: 100%
This is an individual assignment - complete both tasks 1 and 2
Background: The assignment is intended to bring out the benefits and limitations ofdifferent approaches to project planning and control by relating these to thecircumstances in the cases outlined. It is also intended to allow students todemonstrate their learning and competence in respect of the management ofresources generally, but in particular elements of time, finance and human resource.
Case 1: Jashol Ltd is an organisation which customise luxury cars for dealerships
and private individuals. These customisations include: body-kits, interiors, soundssystems, CD players, and accessories. As part of your job as the Jashol Ltd SpecialProjects Manager, you have produced a list of activities that need to be addressed toprovide a new engine innovation exclusively to Mercedes. The details are shown inthe table provided. Please note: You must use the methodology detailed above table
1 headed “essential methodology”.
Task 1 (40% marks)
1) Draw the network diagram (use activity on the node). (8 marks)
2) Explain how you determined the timing of activities and the total float. (6marks)
3) Explain how you determined the project duration and the critical path. (6
4) If the project starts on the 5 April 2010, what is the earliest date it can becompleted using a 5 day working week? Assume no other holidays(explain how you calculated the figure). (4 marks)
5) If the following happened what would be the effect on the duration of thewhole project? Explain the reasons. (6 marks)
a) A 1 day delay during activity H.
b) Activity R is completed 1 day before schedule.
c) A 2 day delay during activity C .
6) Explain and discuss the purpose of network diagrams. (10 marks)
SIM335 Managing Projects
Essential methodology (activity on the node):
• All the timings (i.e. earliest start, earliest finish, latest start, latestfinish, total float, duration and activity) must be included within eachnode of your diagram. This essential methodology is detailed in thetext: Project Management, Field and Keller (2007. p. 197,p.198 & p.391)
• All timings must be in days – not dates
• To complete your network diagram assume that:
o If task A has a duration of 4 days (task A, earliest finish would
be day 4), therefore, task B earliest start time will be day 4.
• This essential methodology is detailed in the text: Project
Management, Field and Keller (2007. p. 197,p.198 & p. 391),(责任编辑:BUG)

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