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Technology Management essay:Knowledge Of Modern Technology Management

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Technology Management essay:Knowledge Of Modern Technology Management




Knowledge of modern technology management concepts and best practices provides the foundation for effective job performance in technology-driven business environments. Management of Technology discusses cutting-edge management concepts, tools, and techniques that effectively work in today's technology-intensive organizations.

New management tools and techniques play an increasingly important role in every organization for creating quality products, services, and content faster, cheaper, and at a higher quality. Technology crosses virtually all levels and all disciplines of an enterprise. Therefore, the principles of managing technology are relevant not only to people in the traditional engineering-scientific community, but also apply to any organization and business that must effectively deal with the application, integration, and transfer of technology.

Financial institutions, government agencies, architectural firms, and healthcare providers are just a few examples of the vast array of organizations that must function effectively in technology-based environments, and therefore be able to manage technology. Specifically, TMGT 510 course helps to understand following features:

Methods for assessing the effectiveness and performance of the organization and its management processes.

Insight into the functioning of contemporary work processes, such as concurrent engineering, design-build, integrated product development, and phase-gate processes.

Special tools and techniques for effectively managing technology-based projects, including dealing with organizational interfaces from R&D to markets.

Managerial Practices and Tools

Technology-intensive projects are managed under a project management (PM) framework that includes a PM Plan, project organization, PM tools and techniques, and performance monitoring, and control. Thamhain (2009) suggested, “Tools such as the Project Maturity Model, the Six Sigma Project Management Process and focus groups, can serve as a framework for analyzing and fine-tuning the team development and management process” (p. 130, para. 1). The tools and techniques can be grouped in the categories based on their application as (1) Product Management, (2) Project Management, (3) General Management, (4) Strategic, (5) Quality Control. Organizational Behavior deals with the management of individuals, groups, organizations, processes and dynamic environments. Human Resources Management deals with the issues such as hiring, career management, management of hierarchical levels, management of competencies and training, remuneration, internal communication and evaluation of staff. HRM and OB have to deal with scientists, researchers, engineers, technicians and other technologists. Thamhain (2005) has stated, “Today’s business culture demands that project teams — in meeting and performing their project responsibilities — engage in multiple activities” (p. 35, para. 2).(责任编辑:wangjiazhang18)

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