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任务二—Task 1

Commonwealth Bank structure provides better development opportunities for the Bank's senior executive team. The organisational structure and business divisions of the Bank's are international financial services, retail banking services, technology, operations and procurement, human resources, and CEO. The retail banking services basically responsible for running some of the Bank's largest projects and also making that everyone may afford on using the bank services. As Technology, Operations and Procurement look after the development and they also implement one of the biggest IT outsourcing provisions for financial services in the global. Therefore, financial services deals with the design and develop the marketing of the retail banking services for segmentation of Commonwealth bank's personal and business customer. It also implements the financial services in institutional and financial markets. Institutional banking responds to the relationships with larger company, institutional customers, and funds and other capital markets activities. It is to ensure that the growth opportunities of these areas are fully exploited. Investment and insurance services make sure that the synergy and business opportunities that surge from all together such as the investment, insurance and funds management businesses will be secured. Institutional and business department control the major developments of the Commonwealth bank's financial risk and capital management. Other than that, more significant role in strategy development is implementing. Hence, that every aspects of financial management are linked to the engaging of the bank's business components.
任务二—Task 2
Apple is known as an innovator and the uniqueness of its products has made huge profit to the company. Basically, Apple is a supplier of electronic goods and services that may affect their pricing and costs. For example, the labour component in the manufacturing of products could be affected by lower wager cost or labour unions. In this industry, there is no consistency comparing with the other companies because Apple did not specialized in just one scope of product but other products and services as well. Apple company receive threats from substitute products can be relatively low for instance, products like mobile phone or even calculator can be a substitute for PC, however they may only substitute for one or two functions of PC. New entry that wishes to join in the competition may not be that easy because the research and development is a big part of the cost of producing. Also, Apple differentiates itself with its own operating system and cost advantage. Apple's iPhone has similar technology from its own PC and MP3 player. As for the competitor like Microsoft has the majority of the market share. Other competitors like Dell were able to grow in the market due to their price cutting strategy. New or existing company can be a threat to Apple anytime if it does not maintain a consistency of the products innovative. The bargaining power of customers based on their more demanding on iPhones than the PCs has increased with the new market of other developing countries. On the other hand, the bargaining power of suppliers for raw materials and labor can be potential threat, however the main profit maker are also the authors of e-books and application as well as singers. One potential threat is the illegal free music download from the internet. To conclude, Apple's iPhone integrated with digital camera, applications, MP3 player and of all these trends, Apple is analyzing the market profitability at the same time adopting new innovative strategies by observing the changes of the market trends.(责任编辑:BUG)

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