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The Hewlett-Packard Company, which is a technology corporation in California, specializes in developing and developed computing, storage, network hardware, software and services. The main product lines contain personal computing hardware, activity servers and linked storage. This enterprise is one of the biggest technology companies in the world.
And it has other product lines, for example, printers, other imaging products tools and health electronic. In 1999, hard condition components and instrumentation made by HP for chemical study were spun off as Agilest Technologies. This enterprise markets its products to small and medium size businesses and enterprises directly, distribute via online, office-supply retailers consumer-electronics, software partners and major technology vendors which are the largest worldwide seller of personal computers.
HP has been working with World organizations such as World Vision US today. In U.S it was announced that the non-profit has named the company as its preferred technology supplier to hurry international help efforts and to deploy technology and services supporting the Christian organization's help, development and support work for the estimated 100 million children and also served in nearly 100 countries worldwide and it is resaved. World image has a uniform on HP technology and services to quickly reply to changing business needs and more ably manage help during peak business times. After the Asian tsunami in 2004, following several recent natural disasters, there has been an estimated 50-fold increase in help to the non-profit group. HP technology enabled World image to develop ability to process information and contact involving 70,000 new donors, HP Taller consolidation project Vision to simplify its business processes with an IT . 9000 Superdome are included replacing various servers with an HP system to power the organizations giver Vision database, help and distributions included. This global database tracks the names of participating children, families and sponsors.
It's creation of organizational infrastructures and separate operations for immediate buy plans. However, HP made new organization to help improve the long-term operating efficiencies and may be this will not automatically lead to lower-priced products; HP is for innovative discounting and also to increase its Wall Street standing and equity values which is enough to increase extra range. When the company was not in danger of in-danger in the year 1999 change was in order knowing the economic condition of HP, HP should not have tried to make so many drastic changes in such a short time period. There is no any reason that HP should have made such drastic changes in 63 years, HP to return a decentralized approach. Autocratic management was never needed, management and discussed carefully as to the success of the strategies. Strategies for the company should be formulated by senior HP-Compaq when planning merge, HP-Compaq has been successful and its earnings have gone from 13 cents a share in first quarter 2002. To 22 cents a share for this year's first quarter. At start people believe been merger might have been a good thing after all but not at the expense of its people.(责任编辑:BUG)

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