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In condition of economic globalization is happening quickly all over the world, along with the development of the accelerated pace of scientific and technical revolution and technology, companies are faced to chances and challenges posed by the revolution brought. Human resources are become the most valuable assets, the most important and most decisive for survive and development of any company. So, when we implement about this problem, we need to understand that human resources have the knowledge, skills at a high level, that creative work rather than labor empirical muscle. Social work force there has been a marked improvement from the workers' share green "is mostly the workers," white collar "is primarily. During 1880, approximate 9/10 labors is manual labors, nowadays, this number decreases 1/5 and 4/5 labors are knowledge labors.
The explosion of information and knowledge with the current breakneck speed makes the employees and organizations more easily in solving their problem. But, information and knowledge overload are become burden. Thus, finding and managing knowledge are very necessary to organizations in practices. And nowadays, knowledge management is consider as a trend in management of organizations
信息和知识管理的本质是什么?—What is the nature of information and knowledge management?
Before discussing knowledge management, a brief discussion is given about the Knowledge and knowledge management, I want to discuss briefly about data, information:
Now, I begin with data, What is data? Data is the data layer exists in the knowledge of different storage types: paper, computer file, ... Data and clear information exists and can be encoded and transmitted easily. Data is becomes information when it is analyzed, sorted, and placed in a general context and can become aware of the recipient. Information is data associated with a contact or a purpose. Information into knowledge when it is used for comparison and evaluation of outcomes, establish contacts and conduct a dialogue. Information is data in the context that it can use for decision making. The data are sorted to create meaning for the recipient; it could be text, images, film, or a conversation with another person. Knowledge is information that someone was armed. Knowledge means knowledge about a certain topic, the potential to use it on a certain goal. The uncertainty of the memory limits the reliability of knowledge about the past, while the occurrence of unpredictable events again limits the reliability of knowledge about the future.(责任编辑:BUG)

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