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THE BODY SHOP的国际市场International market of THE BODY SHOP

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Executive summary执行摘要
该报告选择THE BODY SHOP客观分析其潜在的新的国际市场,并讨论为目标市场营销计划。全球市场的筛选和深入的市场分析后,提出了中国,随着巨大的人口和皮肤护理产品的需求不断增加,是THE BODY SHOP最好的新市场。特许经营进入模式应该被实现,它是THE BODY SHOP开展在中国的4Ps营销组合更好。向中国出口要征收增值税,消费税和关税以及中国 - 韩国自由贸易协定和上海保税区将成为事件进口化妆品市场影响很大。信用证可以用THE BODY SHOP被使用,它应该强调,中国政府要求的标签的信息。The report chooses THE BODY SHOP as objective to analyze its potential new international market and discusses the marketing plan for the target market. After global market screening and depth marketing analysis, it puts forward China, with huge population and increasing demand for skin care product, is the best new market for THE BODY SHOP. Franchising entry mode should be implemented and it is better for THE BODY SHOP to carry out 4Ps marketing mix in China. Exporting to China should pay value-added tax, consumption tax, and customs duties and the China-Korea free trade agreement and Shanghai Free Trade Zone will be the events influence greatly to importing cosmetic market. Letter of credit could be used by THE BODY SHOP and it should stress the labeling information required by China government. 
1. Introduction介绍

这是著名的原始的,自然的和道德的美容品牌,它有2500多家门店遍及60多个国家的世界(The Body Shop的,2015年)。它坚持倡导以相反的动物试验和贸易公平。 THE BODY SHOP的五个主要值是支持社区公平交易,维护人权,反对动物实验,激活自尊和保护我们的地球侧重于保护环境,促进社会发展(美体小铺,2015年)。报告的结构显示如下。首先,它会引入THE BODY SHOP的情况。其次,它会给全球市场的筛选和做出深入的市场分析关于THE BODY SHOP的高潜力市场。第三,将讨论THE BODY SHOP为目标市场的进入战略市场的计划。第四,它会给国际化模式的一些细节描述目标市场。最后,它会给出一个简短的结论。THE BODY SHOP is chosen to analyze its high potential new international market about its skin care products. THE BODY SHOP (2015) was established in the United Kingdom in 1976 by Anita Roddick. It is famous for its original, natural and ethical beauty brand and it has more than 2,500 stores spreading all over more than 60 countries in the world (The Body Shop, 2015). It insists to advocate to opposite animal testing and trading fairly. The five main values of THE BODY SHOP are Support Community Fair Trade, Defend Human Rights, Against Animal Testing, Activate Self-Esteem, and Protect Our Planet which focuses on protecting environment and promoting social development (The Body Shop, 2015). The structure of the report shows as following. First, it will introduce the situation of THE BODY SHOP. Second, it will give a global market screening and make depth market analysis about the high potential market of THE BODY SHOP. Third, it will discuss the entry strategy market plan of THE BODY SHOP for the target market. Fourth, it will give some detail description of internationalization modality to the target market. Finally, it will give a short conclusion.(责任编辑:anne)

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