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Globalization with new value migration (more economically effective business design) has opens up more doors to opportunities. The literature review is broken into 5 parts: Firstly due to globalization, there will be restructuring in income resulting in more customer connections/segments restructure. With better segmenting capability and new business models, new opportunities can be ride on and unique requirements be met. Secondly, expansion of segment requires customization for each new market and effective management involves balancing between custom ratio and business design segment to get right combination of response rate/cost structure. Thirdly, increasing growth at base segment leads to entrepreneurs catering low-cost design, but eventually high profitability will attract them to premium segment. Premium players will counter attack by also catering new low cost business design. Organization must defend against market takeover which creates lead increased competition/risk. Fourthly, redefining innovation is important to create high impact success activities. There must be balance in investment in innovation beyond product/processes that create values for investors/customers like alliance and global talent sourcing. Lastly, unique information chain that connects customer to innovation is important for organization to create proprietary information to gain head start by deploying its unique information/application system. To end off, there must be risk management system to respond to new waves of trend/risk.
Rational for Selection
Globalization is inevitable, ever-changing, shape competition and waits for no one. In this technology-fueled global environment, businesses must stay ahead these trends to remain competitive. I want to have better understanding of Globalization as it is the stepping stone for International Business by giving rise to international commercial transactions.(责任编辑:cinq)

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