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1.1 Introduction
This research on the impact of twenty20 cricket on international cricket attempts to explore the perception of both primary and secondary stakeholders of the game in the international arena. Twenty20 cricket is one of the richest industries, which is valued at around a billion dollar across the globe. Twenty20 cricket is one of the world's sports with many enthusiastic participants, spectators as well as media interest. Twenty20 Cricket has sparked new life and provided redemption to cricket all over the globe. The Twenty20 version of the game has been a major factor in attempting to further globalize, commercialize and popularize the game. Cricket is one the most popular and well-liked game in the world. Cricket is an established team sport for hundreds of years and very popular in countries such as India, Pakistan, West Indies, South Africa and England. Like other sporting activities, twenty20 cricket is a professional sport that is sought after by both men and women due to its numerous beneficial attributes. This popular and beneficial activity not only provides you physical fitness but mental strength and sharpness too. A sport helps a person in building a very positive attitude. It has also become a part of education and routines of people. The main of the research is to determine the impact of twenty20 cricket sport on international cricket. This chapter tends to outline background of the study and problem statement. In addition, it discusses the research questions, research objectives and the significance of the study apart from presenting the research outline.
1.2 Study Background
The origin of Cricket sport can be traced from the period of the dark ages, probably after the Roman Empire, almost definitely prior to the Normans invading England and almost certainly somewhere in Northern Europe. Circumstantial evidences suggest the fact that this game was started in Saxon or Norman times by children living in south east part of England in an area of dense woodlands known as Weald. It is generally believed that cricket was more of a children game rather than the adults. It was taken up by the adults in 17th century and since then, this sport continued to increase its popularity and public acceptance and never looked back. As far as the name of term “cricket “is concerned it is generally believed that this word had various possible sources. The earliest source is traced back to 1598 when it was called as cricket. It is thought to be derived from Middle Dutch term “krick “meaning a stick. There are another terms also available which all suggest the possible involvement of Dutch in this sport. The game of Cricket is known to be spanning from the 16th century with matches being played since 1844, although officially ‘International Test Cricket' was played from the year 1877 onwards. Test cricket is the oldest and longest form of cricket. It is also considered as the most reliable and challenging form of cricket to measure the worth of any team where 2 innings are played by each team. After the toss the team that bats first piles on as many runs as possible and declares the innings. Then comes the turn of other team and so the match goes on until the final result. The popularity and charm of test cricket is decreasing day by day because of the origination of new more exciting forms of cricket. Hopwood (2005) argues that the game of Cricket has been governed by the rules for more than 250 years. The Marylebone Cricket Club has been an authoritative figure in putting forth the rules of cricket and its subsequent amendments. In the year 2000, the MCC revised the rules of Cricket and introduced Spirit of Cricket to the laws of the game to maintain the unique character and enjoyment of the game.(责任编辑:BUG)

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