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China's 12th Five-Year Development Program points out implementation of the strategy of rejuvenating China with science, education and human resources; paying attention to personnel training; taking personnel training as an important guarantee to enhance the country's core competitiveness and overall national strength; stressing vigorous development of vocational education, development of various forms of training of vocational skills, development of distance education and continuing education, building a learning society with lifelong learning people (Long, 2013). Since the reform and opening up, China's economy develops with a rapid rise of 8%, economic development promotes increasingly strong demand for talents, the requirements for talents are also increasingly higher. China has a large population, the market scale of the education industry is very large, in 2014, the total scale of the entire education and training market was about $ 150 billion dollars (Wang, 2014). Chinese education is examination-oriented education system, school kids are faced with competitive pressure, which provides a broad market for training and education (Hang, 2009). In China, parents pay attention to their children's education, affected by the traditional culture, Chinese parents make every effort to promote their children to be talent, currently, children's education spending has exceeded pension and housing consumption and become the most purpose of household savings (Wang, 2014). With the development of China's Internet technology, online education has been popular, compared to traditional education, online education is considerably flexible, it eliminates costs for teaching spaces and other expenses, training costs are significantly reduced, lower training costs attract more people to participate in the training. According to statistics, in 2014, the market scale of China's online education reached $ 15 billion (Wang, 2014). In this favorable macroeconomic backdrop, 66Speak, a subsidiary of Ningbo E-Commerce Company, technically started in December 2014. It offers one-on-one customized virtual Language lessons to the students who want to learn authentic languages from the native speakers. The total number of students who taking classes has reached 60 and it’s still increasing, but the problem is that after the first 3-month session, less than ? students come up for renewal. Compared to the growth rate of the company's sales in August this year, the growth rate in September fell by 25%. How to improve 66Speak online customers’ royalty concerns my partners and me a lot. We’ve employed personalized service strategy to solve the problem by personalized, one-stop service strategy, communication strategy and strategy of establishing long-term relationships between the company and its customers. The author expects that through these strategies, in the next six weeks, the customer churn rate will be reduced from 50% to 15%, the growth rate of the monthly income will be improved from a decline of 25% to 10%.


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