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Introduction 简介
随着全球经济的快速发展,也有越来越多的人进入城市,这已引起了交通拥堵(甜,2011年)。 pucheret Al(2005)指出,一些城市,尤其是在发展中国家如印度,道路通畅率下降了公众的出行需求,由于人口增长和城市化背后的整体。据印度(2002年)的时代发表的一份报告,平均行车速度在德里在1997年22〜27公里/小时相比下降至15公里/小时,2002年。此外,在德里的高峰时段已经上升到5小时(8.30 - 上午10:30和4.30 - 7.30时三十分)因此,新德里已经从塞车之苦了很久。
With the rapid development of the global economy,there are an increasing number of people move into the city, which has caused the traffic congestion (Sweet, 2011). Pucheret al (2005) point out that a number of cities, especially in developing countries such as Delhi,the road patency rate has fallen behind public’s travel demand due tothe overall population growth and the urbanization. According to a report published by the Times of India (2002), the average traffic speed decreased to 15 km/h in 2002 compared with 22-27 km/h in 1997 at Delhi. In addition, the peak hour in Delhi has risen to 5 hours (8.30 – 10.30 a.m. and 4.30 – 7.30 p.m.).Hence, Delhi has been suffering from the traffic congestion for a long time.
Although the total amount of private carsin Delhi has experienced a significant leap, because of the low incomes, the residents mainly rely on the public transports, auto rickshaws, motorcycles and even pedestrianism(Tiwari, 2002). Due to thenarrow, mixed roads and the various vehicle types, redesigning the road to expand and divide the path could be a viable and effective option but it would be a huge investment and it may impact the environment. Another option is increasing the number of the public transportations and formulating the prior bus lines to improve the traffic speed. Despite the fact that the cost seems to be reasonable, it also has limitation on the effectiveness and environment.
Therefore, the aim of this report is to compare the feasibility of road reconstruction and priority bus lines in three aspects: cost, effectiveness and environment, and will suggest the road reconstruction as the more appropriate option to solve the traffic congestion issue in Delhi.

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