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The appearance of information technology and its rapid development have great influences on the political regime and public democracy in China. In 2013, the number of netizens have increased up to 618 million, and the websites of government in different levels was almost 80, 000. It is necessary to build an open and interactive modality of the government of China, which is an inevitable tendency. It is probable that the situation of democracy in China will be altered with the network becoming popular in China (Asen, 2001). Chinese government employs the Internet as a new method for a reformation as well, for it will enable the government to become scientific and democratic by promoting people to participate in making public policies. This paper will discuss the cyber democracy in China with this broad background.
In the second part of the paper, the former research of the cyber democracy will be introduced, offering a general understanding of the theme. The literature review of the democracy is necessary to give a brief presentation on the democracy and the cyber democracy of China.
In the third part of the paper, the meaning of cyber democracy will be explained in detail, including the general definition, the key characteristics and the difficult situations of cyber democracy. This part is intended to discuss the connotation of cyber democracy at length. 
The fourth part of the paper will analyze the features of the cyber democracy in China. The features of the cyber democracy in China will be discussed from three aspects: the participation of the cyber democracy, the communication and the practice process. Due to the complex situations of China, it is needed to grasp the features of the Chinese information society with the existing of Internet at present (Almond, 1980).(责任编辑:anne)

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