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A guide to the basic practices and activities of management
This chapter deals with a basic introduction about management education in India and World wide .It also gives a brief scenario of recent trends in management education in India .This chapter also mentions the history of Management education and changes that have taken place over a period of time in management education system. It also gives brief account of managerial skills.
Management –In its simplest form of understanding, is about handling things .It is an ability to comprehend the needs, enable them to function effectively and efficiently. The needs of the people increased grew. The leisure class has increased in size as a result of industrial revolution and this stepped up the demand for luxury and comfort. Initially, industry used the resources in the near vicinity and as they got exhausted, the inputs were to be fetched from far. This needed transportation, Coordination and cost control. New skills were required and they were to be matched up with the technological revolution. Humans, material, need of people such as transport –on land, sea and later in the air , health , weapon making ,mining ,under water and space explorations, communications etc have placed a heavy demand on the resources . It was a big challenge to develop an efficient industrial production and supply system to reach the customers. A dire need was felt to plan, organize, coordinate, and control the logistics. Thus management the field of education in the late 19th Century. This is all about planning. coordinating , organizing and controlling- managing the resources for a specified objective.
Conceptual framework of Managerial skills: 管理技能的概念框架:
Management skills –Management need a diversity of skills because of complexity of jobs .These involve conceptual skills which involve planning and thinking .Managers require ability to see the organization as a whole and relationship of its various parts. Managers are responsible for organizing and controlling people. The ability to work with people is an essential skill for a manager .Technical skills is the understanding of proficiency in the performance of specific task ,whether they are concerned with product engineering ,marketing or finance. These skills include specialized knowledge, analytical ability and competence in process and procedures applied to solving problems .These skills are important for junior and middle managers than for senior management where human and conceptual skills are more important.(责任编辑:BUG)

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