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英国留学生论文代写范文-Tesco online environment

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How do you think about the Tesco online shopping environment?


 12% of candidates believed that most goods are well priced and thanks to their frequently having promotions on the website, some of the goods could be delivered for free. For example, the finest wine on Tesco online  could be delivered for free ( access in 2012). In the interview, candidates do feel the benefits of saving time from Tesco online shopping; and the majority of candidates commented that the Tesco online delivery are careful and arrive on time; one of the candidates talking about a case where the wrong item delivered said that Tesco showed a positive response and refunded it and gave vouchers.

  The loyal candidate from Sprowston shopping with Tesco for 10 years mentioned that he would not be switching supermarket; that Tesco could be a life brand. However, in the interviews 8 candidates thought that the online shopping grocery was costly in terms of delivery and lacked a real buying experience, they preferred to go to the real stores. The candidate in the interview remembers that around Tesco online just build up, in her first time shopping for groceries online; she felt that the experience was not good enough and that the delivery time was not very repayable. However, this was at a time when Tesco’s online shopping was still very new.

  In addition, there was also some negative feedback of Tesco online from candidates. One of the candidates tells about the difficulty in finding the right department to ring when she wants to know about details of a product. And others believe that the website is messy for her and the photos not good enough, products being hard to find.


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