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Shopping oneline
Online shopping, product information is retrieved via the Internet, and electronic purchase orders issued by shopping request, and then fill in the personal check or credit card account number, vendor 留学生论文网shipments by mail order or home delivery by courier. China's online shopping, the general method of payment is the advance payment and delivery (direct bank transfer, online money transfer). Secured transactions (Alipay Taobao, Baidu 100 FU Bao, Tencent TenPay secured transactions, etc.), cash on delivery, etc. about this essay will talk about advantage and disadvantage for shopping oneline to show the value of right way to shopping oneline or reduce how to improve shopping oneline.
(这是这篇project study 本人写的第一段,可以用或者不用)




You are required to write your project on one of the following topics:

1. Impact of fluctuation in fuel prices
2. Economic Growth in UK
3. Relationship between visual effects and emotional expressions in cinema
4. Influences of inflation
5. Factors used to maximise the current market share of company
6. Gender differences at workplace
7. Price Elasticity
8. E-Commerce
9. Promotion strategies, Marketing Strategies, Marketing Mix
10. Advertising- TV, Ban, influences, spending, role
11. Motivation/leadership
12. Online shopping
13. Violence on TV
14. Product life cycle
15. Interest rates
16. Accounting’s role in society
17. Accounting choices affect managers’ compensation
18. Annual reports and investor’s perception
19. shocking accounting scandals
20. Impact of the recession
21. Financial performance of the company/companies
22. Computers and life style of people will require you to research the topic and make relevant notes. You will then need to discuss the topic comprehensively using appropriate materials from the standards sources to support your ideas and arguments. You also need to cite sources adequately and appropriately (providing a list of cited work in your essay in the Reference List, and including in-text citations, as per the Harvard referencing format).


1. Aims
The purpose of the project work is to enable you to develop the skills that you will be expected to demonstrate in your future academic studies.

2. Task Details
You will work individually to plan and write a discussion essay of approximately 1,500 words on a topic negotiated between you and your tutor.

3. Plagiarism
Plagiarized work will not be marked.

4. Layout
You final document should be word processed and laid out according to the following conventions:(责任编辑:BUG)

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