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自1987 - 88年的预算,中央政府采用了一项新分类的公共支出。在这种新的分类下,所有公共支出分为非计划支出和开支计划。中央政府的非计划被进一步分为收入支出和资本支出。收益支出由税收来提供资金,包括税收和非税收收入。

非计划收入支出包括(a)收入利息支出、国防支出,主要补贴(食品、肥料和促进出口),其他补贴,减免债务的农民,邮政赤字,警察、养老金、其他总务(国家机关、税收征管、外部事务,等等)。(b) 社会服务(教育、医疗、广播等)。(c)经济服务(农业、工业、电力、交通、通讯、科技、等等)。(d) 拨款给各州和联邦领土与外国政府赠款。



印度的政府支出在1950 - 51年迅速增长。在独立之前,印度没有计划,政府的一部分没有努力去建立一个福利国家。因此,公共支出相对较小。




The central government expenditure

The Central government adopted a new classification of public expenditure from 1987-88 budgets. Under this new classification, all public expenditure is classified into non-plan expenditure and plan expenditure.

Non-plan expenditure of the central govt. is further divided into revenue expenditure and capital expenditure. Revenue expenditure is financed out of revenue receipts, both tax revenue and non tax revenue.

Non-plan revenue expenditure includes (a) Interest payments, defense revenue expenditure, major subsidies (food, fertilizers and export promotion), other subsidies, debt relief to farmers, postal deficit, police, pensions, other general services(organs of state, tax collection, external affairs, etc.) (b) Social services (education, health, broadcasting, etc.) (c) Economic services (agriculture, industry, power, transport, communications, science and technology, etc.)(d) Grants to states and union territories and grants to foreign governments.
Non-plan capital expenditure includes such items as defense capital expenditure, loans to public enterprises, loans to states and union territories and loans to foreign governments.Plan expenditure consists of (a) central plans such as on agriculture, rural development, irrigation and flood control, energy, industry and minerals, transport, communications, science and technology and environment, social services and (b) central assistance for the states and union territories plans.


改革开放前的趋势——Trends in pre-reform period

Government expenditure in India has been growing very rapidly after 1950-51. Before independence, there was no planning in India and no effort on the part of government to establish a welfare state. Public expenditure was, therefore, comparatively small.

During Second World War, government expenditure increased because of the war efforts. In the post war period introduction of planning and the provision by the government of welfare services in a big way caused public expenditure, both at the centre and in the states to increase rapidly.

Moreover the complexion of expenditure has also been changing very conspicuously. Before independence the British government in India was interested primarily in the defense and civil administration of the country. Therefore, a large part of the expenditure of the central and state governments was on these services.

农业和水利—— Agriculture and irrigation

Except during the first plan when agriculture and irrigation were allotted 30% of total outlay, all other plans allotted between 20-24% of outlay.

电力项目——Power Program

The allocation on power development was low during the first four plans between 10-15% of the total outlay. The low priority given to the power development was on the ground that industries had not come up so fast and the progress in rural electrification, use of electric power in railway transport system was inadequate. It was only in the seventh plan that the allocation on power was raised steeply to 28% of the total outlay.

行业和矿物质——Industries and Minerals

The high priority given to the agriculture in the public sector programs in the first plan was at the cost of low priority given to the industries. But from the second plan onwards the relative share of industries and minerals was raised sharply from 6% in the first plan to 24% of the total plan outlay in second plan. The allocation o industries have been generally around 24% of the total public sector outlay till sixth plan. In the next two plans, outlays to industries declined steeply.

交通和通讯——Transportation and Communications(责任编辑:anne)

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