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Abstract 摘要
基于生物经济的建立已被公认为实现可持续发展的关键问题之一。对于未来的发展,可再生能源将发挥二氧化碳中性原料的重要作用,为可持续工业生产,遏制化石资源的枯竭。选项​​作为工业化工原料意味着不同的相互依赖的路线充分利用可再生资源的潜力。石化行业的方法如下:对于每一个场景中,宏图三胞的做法是必要的。各方面都需要从粮食安全,食品安全,“绿色”能源生产和可持续的非食品类产品为产业的发展,给废物管理,回收和处置。新兴战略需要相结合,从科学和商业企业的努力,通过政府立法,促进并应基于广泛的公众支持。2004年保留的爱思唯尔B.V.所有权利。Establishment of a bio-based economy has been recognised as one of the key issues for sustainable development. For future developments renewable resources will play a key role as CO2 neutral raw material for sustainable industrial production to curb depletion of fossil resources. Options to fully exploit the potential of renewable resources as industrial chemical feedstock imply different interdependent routes. In this paper, the various scenarios how to achieve a bio-based economy are discussed, ranging from the traditional ‘complex route’ via chemical conversion, to shifting to a glucose-based economy (C6) or transformation of biomass into C1 or C2 chemical building blocks, following the approach of the petrochemical industries. For each scenario, an integrated chain approach is essential. All aspects need to be addressed from food security, food safety, ‘green’ energy production and development of sustainable non-food products for industry, to waste management, recycling and disposal. The emerging strategies require combined efforts from both science and commercial enterprise, facilitated by governmental legislation and should be based upon a broad public support. . 2004 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. 
1. Introduction 介绍
可再生资源替代对化石产品似乎恢复的,因为他们的取之不尽,用之不竭的可用性,并要考虑环境因素,如对生产的温室气体(CO2封闭循环)和潜在的碳汇中性偏好。许多国家的政府正在考虑一项政策,建立一个基于生物经济(如美国农业部,2000;克林顿,2000年的报告),其中可再生产品的开发设想一个可持续发展的社会的发展。在这样的政策有明显的选择是基于植物的原料,以促进可持续(化工)产业的发展。在工业中使用的农产品原料是不是新的。相反,即使是引进农业前,男子使用的植物资源,以掩盖他对能源,服装,工具,住房和药品(斯佩尔曼,1994;哈代,2002年)的需求。只有在前面的0926-6690 / $ - 见前面的问题。 2004年保留的爱思唯尔B.V.所有权利。 DOI:10.1016 / j.indcrop.2004.02.003Renewable resources as alternative for fossil based products seem to regain preference because of their inexhaustible availability and due to environmental considerations such as neutrality towards production of greenhouse gasses (closed CO2 cycle) and potential carbon sequestration. which envisages development of a sustainable society by the exploitation of renewable products. In such a policy the obvious option is to promote development of sustainable (chemical) industries based on vegetable raw materials. The use of agricultural raw materials in industry is not new. On the contrary, even before the introduction of agriculture, man used plant resources to cover his needs for energy, clothing, tools, shelter and medicines (Spelman, 1994; Hardy, 2002). Only in the preceding 0926-6690/$ – see front matter . 2004 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. doi:10.1016/j.indcrop.2004.02.003  (责任编辑:anne)

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