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An Over View Into Investing In Different Companies 
我选择了十家公司作为我的投资,包括嘉士伯、荷兰夫人、Panamy、壳牌、安利、云顶、Sime Darby、数码、Hong Leong Bank和马来亚银行企业。不同的因素有助于为什么我选择这些企业的原因,我的投资和讨论如下。
There are ten companies that I have chosen for my investment and these consist of Carlsberg, Dutch Lady, Panamy, Shell, Amway, Genting, Sime Darby, Digi, Hong Leong Bank and Maybank enterprises. Different factors have contributed to the reasons of why I have chosen these enterprises for my investment and the discussions are as below.
Secondly, Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad is one of my choices in investing due to its mission of "helping Malaysians move forward in life with trusted dairy nutrition". Their impressive various products targeted to different groups of customers in the market with intention to provide quality dairy products (Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad nd a) has helped them succeed in achieving highest profit of RM82.4 million before paying its tax in year 2009. This is the highest amount of profit that has been achieved by the company so far, and even the profit after tax has also risen from RM42.647 million to RM60.4 million from year 2008 to year 2009. This significance increase of 42% in profit has impressed the shareholders meanwhile their cash flow statement also clearly stated that the company has obtained surplus of cash and cash equivalent of RM41.732 million compared to their previous year amount of RM23.792 million. Therefore, Dutch Lady Company might even have the potential to achieve higher profits and climb another ladder of success in year 2010 and 2011. The high and stable price earnings of Dutch Lady shares in an average of 16.0 also add value to my investment. (Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad nd b)
Panamy which is also known as Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia is included in my investment list due to its well-known brand and positive growth of business in generating profits. Slogan of Panasonic "ideas for life" is a commitment where eco-ideas for manufacturing have been adopted by Panasonic in manufacturing and launching new products. At the same time Panasonic will also ensure the emission of carbon dioxide has been reduced to a certain level in order to preserve the environment. (Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd 2009) Some of these eco friendly products can even save electric bills with their intelligent inverter. (Panasonic Corporation 2010) All these have contributed to total RM64.849 million of profit generated after tax deduction in year 2010. It has also hit the highest revenues of RM679.764 million, an increase of RM78.896 million or 13.1% compared to previous year. Directors of Panasonic also agree in paying total 120sen of gross dividends to their shareholders, which is an increase of 15sen compared to year 2009. The progressive of share performance of Panamy can also be shown in Attachment 3 page __. It could be foreseen that Panamy share price can still be raised to a higher value after the introduction of new internal control of Oracle System that can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of various departments such as marketing and manufacturing systems that perform under Panasonic. (Google Docs nd a)(责任编辑:BUG)

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