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经济学中GDP的决定因素 Determinants of GDP in an Economy

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Introduction 简介
GDP (gross domestic product) is the main indicator of any economy’s growth. Every country’s economy works for improving its GDP because it is the type of indicator which shows overall state of affairs the Economy is in or rather the conditions of the State in terms of its Economic Growth. GDP is considered as the national income of any country. GDP is the monetary value of all final goods and services produced in the country[1]; mostly it is counted at annual basis. There are 3 approaches or methods to calculate the GDP of the country, which are as follows:
Income approach
Product approach
Expenditure approach
All these have listed methods have their own significance in terms of calculating the GDP. The most widely used method by many countries to count the GDP is; the income approach. The Income approach is based on the method in which all the revenues or income circulating in economy like wages, interest rate, rent and profits are accumulated. The Product Approach counts the value of all final goods that is produced in the economy. This is done so to avoid the double counting of the product value. The Expenditure approach counts all private and public expenditures which were conducted in an Economy. In other words it is all the money spent by the Government for the benefit of the People[2].
GDP is affected by every determinant and variable in the economy. The effectiveness could be low or high it depending on the variable. For example if we were to say that education is one of the factors that affects the GDP so the effectiveness must be very high because it effect in multiple ways like it increases the human capital, it increase the technological levels, it helps to reduce crime in society etc.
GDP is usually low in developing countries and high in the developed countries. The level of GDP is a matter of concern for the Economy; although the stability of Economy can be found out by observing variation in GDP[3]. One of the reasons of success of developed countries is also their consistency in terms of GDP levels. However one cannot ignore the fact that there are many factors behind the consistency of GDP.
Research Design
The design of research is always extracted from literature review section. There is a strong relationship between literature review and research methodology or research design[4]. For designing research for GDP first researchers need to collect and read all the related articles; from where researchers can find out about the factors which are effecting the GDP. The process of reviewing literature is to collect all the bibliography of articles on GDP then start reviewing it one by one. After review of article the researcher should write in literature review about the hypothesis questions which he has identified from the review portion of literature. The data used in articles, methodology applied, findings of the research posting of recommendations and conclusions. These are the important findings of any research article.(责任编辑:BUG)

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