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美国留学生经济学作业需求-产品,信息价值与经济组织研究-Production, Information Costs, a(26)

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team owners rather than being hired is a question we
should be able to answer. One presumption is cartelization
and monopsony gains to team olvners. Another is
exactly the theory being expounded in this paper-costs
of monitoring production of athletes; we know not on
which to rely.
l7 The analysis used by Cheung in explaining the
prevalence of sharecropping and land tenancy arrangements
is built squarely on the same factors-the costs
of detecting output performance of jointly used inputs
in team production and the costs of detecting user costs
imposed on the various inputs if owner used or if rented.
does the director-employer "decide" what
each input will produce, he also estimates
which heterogeneous inputs will work together
jointly more efficiently, and he
does this in the contest of a privately
owned market for forming teams. The department
store is a firm and is a superior
private market. People who shop and
work in one town can as well shop and
work in a privately owned firm.
This marketing function is obscured in
the theoretical literature by the assumption
of homogeneous factors. Or it is
tacitly left for individuals to do themselves
via personal market search, much as if a
person had to search without benefit of
specialist retailers. Whether or not the
firm arose because of this efficient information
service, it gives the directoremployer
more knowledge about the
productive talents of the team's inputs,
and a basis for superior decisions about
efficient or profitable combinations of
those heterogeneous resources.
In other words, opportunities for profitable
team production by inputs already
within the firm may be ascertained more
economically and accurately than for resources
outside the firm. Superior combinations
of inputs can be more economically
identified and formed from resources
already used in the organization than by
obtaining new resources (and knowledge
of them) from the outside. Promotion and
revision of employee assignments (contracts)
will be preferred by a firm to the
hiring of new inputs. To the extent that
this occurs there is reason to expect the
firm to be able to operate as a conglomerate
rather than persist in producing
a single product. Efficient production
with heterogeneous resources is a result
not of having better resources but in knowing
more accurately the relative productive
performances of those resources. Poorer
resources can be paid less in accord with
their inferiority; greater accuracy of
knowledge of the potential and actual productive
actions of inputs rather than having
high productivity resources makes a(责任编辑:BUG)

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