英国布里斯托大学 (University of Bristol): CG硅技术(CG Silicon Technology)的应用

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Figure 1. Comparison between CG Silicon
22.1:  Invited Paper: CG Silicon Technology and System Integration for Mobile Applications
Yoshitaka Yamamoto, Takuya Matsuo, Hideo Komiya
Sharp Corporation, Tenri, Nara, Japan
The keywords for the ubiquitous network and high-information-content era are “information”  http://ukthesis.org/jsjwl/  and “audio-visual”. Novel devices to serve the needs of ubiquitous network require powerful input-output terminals with exceptional characteristics. In response to these requirements, we have developed high performance TFTs and “System LCD” using CG Silicon technology. In addition, we have demonstrated advanced system integration technology for mobile application such as sensors, the fusion of “audio” with “visual” and fine picture quality with good image control. For future, ubiquitous information tools, we are developing super-advanced poly-Si TFT devices capable of frequencies of over 1GHz on glass substrate.
1. Introduction
Our everyday life teaches us that we are experiencing a fundamental shift to an information-driven society. Starting with the internet, the information network – so called “ubiquitous network” – has expanded into all aspects of our life at an unprecedented speed and scale. Mobile phone is one of the leading examples of a ubiquitous information tool. We can use it as a telephone and, at the same time, as a terminal to connect to the information network and obtain data through an internet site or via e-mail. The capability, speed and quality of information exchange has received a substantial boost by the introduction of digital terrestrial broadcasting, which was launched in December 2003 in Japan and will be phased in several world capitals and major cities by 2006. 
我们的日常生活中教导我们,我们正在经历一个根本性的转变,以信息驱动社会。互联网已经扩展到我们的生活的各个方面,信息网络 - 所谓“无处不在的网络” - 前所未有的速度和规模。手机是一个无处不在的信息工具的例子之一。我们可以使用它作为一个电话,在同一时间,作为终端来连接信息网络以获取数据,通过互联网网站或通过e-mail。这是在2003年12月在日本推出,并将于2006年分阶段在几个世界首都和主要城市,进行地面数字广播,信息交换能力,速度和质量将得到大幅提升。#p#分页标题#e#
An important aspect of the ubiquitous era is the fusion of information technology and audio-visual technology. We believe that the unification of content, being character, image or voice data (in a mobile environment) is poised to become a key technology. Methods to integrate IT and AV will become necessary, in addition to the constant need for low power consumption, compactness, high-resolution, and high quality of displayed information. To meet these needs we have been developing an array of display technologies, under the umbrella of "System LCD". 
2.  CG Silicon Technology  
One of the key technologies for the realization of “System LCD” is high performance p-Si TFT [1-5]. We have developed novel crystallization technology, so-called “CG Silicon® technology”, for high performance TFT, in collaboration with Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co. Ltd. By this technology, poly-silicon thin film is formed by solid phase crystallization (SPC) using an appropriate metal catalyst to expedite crystal formation.
实现“系统液晶”的关键技术之一是高性能p型Si TFT[1-5]。我们已经开发出新颖的结晶技术,所谓的“CG硅技术”,为高性能的TFT,通过该技术与半导体能源研究所有限公司合作,多晶硅薄膜是由固相晶化(SPC)使用适当的金属催化剂,以加速晶体的形成。
Figure 1 shows TEM images of CG Silicon® and conventional poly-Silicon. In the CG Silicon® case, atomic arrangement at the grain boundaries of crystal domains is evident, whereas in conventional poly-Si continuity of the crystal structure at grain boundaries is lacking. As a result, the electron field-effect mobility can be as high as 300cm²/Vs for CG Silicon® TFT. Most importantly, however, CG Silicon® technology offers a substantially more stable process, which is an indispensable advantage for mass production.  
图1显示了CG硅和传统多晶硅的TEM照片。在CG硅的情况下,液晶畴在晶界处的原子排列是显而易见的,而在传统的多晶Si在晶界处晶体结构的连续性不足。其结果是,在电子的场效应迁移率可高达2/ Vs的CG硅TFT300厘米。然而,最重要的是,CG硅技术提供了一种更加稳定的过程,这是大规模生产中不可缺少的优点。

Figure 1. Comparison between CG Silicon
图1 CG硅之间的比较


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