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中国经济的PESTEL分析 PESTEL Analysis of the Chinese Economy

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There is no doubt that nowadays globalization brings opportunities for companies to expand their business activities easily to take advantages of other country's growth through investing activities. However, before investing to overseas, a company should make a careful examination of the country they are intending to invest in especially the industry related to their investment. Examining the relationship between risks will help to measure the risks the company has to encounter and the information is actually helpful for company in decisions making. Based on factual country information and financial analysis, this assignment will point out main factors that will impact Soundtech Technology's general business activities when it starts business in China - producing low cost sound system for budget cars called "Superaudio". This assignment will start with China background information and then six factors in PESTEL model these include political, economic, social, technology, environment, and legal will be presented. In addition, Soundtech Technology's financial overview that includes financial factors as well as sensitive analysis will be conducted based on the data given. Lastly, some recommendations will be make to help Soundtech Technology in making investment decisions.
1. China background informations
- Area: 9,596,961 sq. km
- Population (July, 2010): 1,330,141,295. Annual growth rate: 0.494 %
- Ethnic groups: Han Chinese is 91.5%, ethnic minority and other nationalities are 8.5%.
- Religions: Officially atheist, Daoist (Taoist), Buddhist, Christian is about 3%-4%, Muslim is approximately 1%-2%.
- Languages: Mandarin is also called Putonghua is the main language in China, plus many local dialects.
- Government: Communist party-led state.
- GDP is $4.814 trillion (2009)

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