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computer science essay

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随机存取存储器是如何让工作的—How RAM works
RAM stands for Random Access Memory which is a type of data storage used in all computers. It provides space to your computer to read/write to be accessed by the CPU (Central Processing Unit). The main purpose of RAM is to store temporary data and instructions required for it regular operation, resulting in faster access time for the CPU. RAM is a volatile memory, so stored instructions and data are lost once the power is turned off.
随机存取存储器是如何让工作的—How RAM works
RAM is considered "random access" because you can access any memory cell unswervingly if you can identify the row and column that intersect at that cell. Memory cells in RAM can be accessed in any order.
The most common form of computer memory which is the Dynamic RAM (DRAM), a transistor and a capacitor are paired to form a memory cell representing a single bit of data. The transistor operates as a switch that enables the control circuitry on the memory chip to read the capacitor or changes its state. Meanwhile, the capacitor contains the bits of information 0 or 1.
A capacitor is similar to a small bucket that is capable of storing electron. The bucket is filled with electrons by storing a 1 in the memory cell and it is emptied by storing a 0. The problem with the capacitor bucket is that it has a leak, thus for dynamic memory to work, either the CPU or the memory controller has to proceed and recharge all of the capacitors containing a 1 before they release. By doing this, the memory controller reads the memory and then writes it back, resulting in the refresh operations taking place repeatedly thousands of times per second.
DRAM works by transferring a charge through the appropriate column to turn on the transistor at each bit in the column. The row lines hold the state capacitor should take on when writing, while the sense-amplifier decides the level of charge in the capacitor when reading. If it is more than 50%, it reads as 1; else, it reads as 0.(责任编辑:BUG)

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