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Open Database Connectivity and Java Database Connectivity are basically a connection from client or application running on the computer to the server or database. The function of connection is to send and receive request command that written in Structured Query Language (SQL). Generally, ODBC is a part of operating system representing the interface or called Application Programming Interface (API) which display on the computer screen for communication purpose with the Database Management Server (DBMS) also called a server. Applications that running on several computers can communicate with a single database after loading a particular driver. Further detail will be explained.
In this technology era, there are numbers of database access middleware which become a connection between applications on client side and database server. There are many types of connection; ODBC, JDBC and connection string. The connection is used for sending request data from API to the database server and also receiving data which have been requested by the client and translate to the language that can be understand using SQL command. The idea of embedding SQL code into software to allow it to communicate with databases was introduced in 1980s. Databases did not provide internal storage for SQL queries that could be invoked by external programs. Embedded SQL was introduced as database specific extension to high-level languages like C/C++ in order to allow programs to query and manipulate the content of databases. Although this method has been used for some time, it creates many problems with type checking that leads to inefficient and slow evolution of database schemas and software that uses the databases.

开放数据库连接(ODBG)—Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)
During 1992, with the idea to enrich the Call Level Interface (CLI), Microsoft has formed a method of communication to client/server database known as ODBC. As part of Microsoft's Windows Open Systems Architecture (WOSA), ODBC supplies a series of Application Program Interface (APIs) to simplify and also give standards for various programming actions. In addition, a general set of database-access services can be given by the Windows platform with the ODBC model. Once an entity crates an OBDC driver, it can be any type of data sources such as SQL and Oracle server. Therefore, for both Windows and Macintosh data access application, ODBC should rapidly emerge as an important industry standard.(责任编辑:BUG)

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