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主屏幕—Home Screen:
Android platform has provided a comprehensive set of guidelines in the form of UI framework to create an application. Some of the important aspects to keep in mind while designing an application are: Screen Experience, Device Navigation and Notifications which are discussed in brief below [1]. Furthermore, any and every app built should be consistent and compatible with the current user interface of the Android OS [1].
主屏幕—Home Screen:
Instead of a single restrictive screen, there are multiple home screens in this case which can be navigated by a user by swiping across them. These screens are customizable to facilitate personalized disposition and organization of the contents across the screens. The bottom panel of the screen contains a "Favorites Tray" which harbors the most important and most used apps of the user. An "All Apps" button is also provided which contains all the widgets and apps that the OS contains [1].
所有应用程序的屏幕—All Apps Screen:
This is an umbrella screen which shows up all the applications installed on that particular OS, including all the widgets. Any app can be moved to the Home screen by just a simple drag and drop action [1].
Recent Screen:
As the name suggests, this screen shows all the apps being 'in use' by the user [1]. Their placement might vary across different versions which could be either a horizontal alignment or a vertical one. However, they are arranged in 'reverse chronology' i.e. the most recently used app will be shown first. This screen becomes empty when the phone is restarted.
The navigation aspect is handled with the usage of "System Bars" [1]. It is the area, usually on the top and bottom of the screen with a sole purpose of displaying notifications, for the navigation and showing the current status of the device [1]. Any normal app will be displayed along with the system bar except multimedia apps like a game application or an audio/video application whose contents are displayed on entire screen for better user experience. Usually System Bars can be in various forms:(责任编辑:BUG)

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