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1. Introduction 介绍
本文将首先介绍了悉尼歌剧院,包括有关的建筑,如位置,开放,设计师和建筑商和其他重要信息任何已知结构的信息。然后有关建筑在当地的建筑背景和全球范围内的建筑方面的讨论。这将讨论是否建设在其网站上或历史条件下地方主义的反应,以及它是否是一个国际运动的地方主义反应或一部分。最后,文章会来一个简短的结论。Sydney Opera House, designed by JørnUtzon, a Danish architect, is a worldwide famous building in Sydney, Australian. The construction of Sydney Opera House began in 1959, concluded 3 steps: Podium fixed, Roof fixed and Interiors decoration. It took 14 years for completing the whole building and it was proved that it was an outstanding building in the world: in 2007, it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
This essay will firstly introduce Sydney Opera House, including any known constructional information about the building such as location, opening, designers and builders and other important information. And then it will discuss about the building in terms of local architectural context and global architectural context. It will discuss whether the building a regionalist response to its site or historical conditions, and whether it is a regionalist response or part of an international movement. Finally the essay would come with a short conclusion. 
2. Introduction of Sydney Opera House 悉尼歌剧院简介
Sydney Opera House is close to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and it’s near to the Sydney business central district and the Royal Botanic Gardens.The appearance of the building was like the unclosed orange or sails. (See figure 1)
Figure 1: the appearance of Sydney Opera House (Sourced from:ørn-utzon.)
After World War II, as the development of economic, people had stronger demand for entertainment.During that time there was no opera house in Australian. So it was essential for building Sydney Opera House. A global design competition was held in September 1955, and 233 architects from 32 countries in all over the world join in the competition. Finally JørnUtzon took the winner in 1957.  (责任编辑:anne)

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