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从网络营销谈企业品牌建设Talk about brand building from the network marketing

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First, network marketing and brand building

Network marketing can enhance the brand value of enterprises, enhance communication with customers, help increase the total sales. Determines the characteristics of the Internet brand in the network marketing and traditional marketing are fundamentally different.

(A) based network marketing business brand communication features

1 two-way interactive communication via the Internet. Interactive network marketing network to achieve corporate brand image spread between brands and consumers to establish closer ties, expand brand value, enhance consumer brand experience. At the same time, you can also enable enterprises to provide more personalized service to create brand differentiation, so that the line under conventional branding more effective, brand marketing model from the traditional one-way marketing evolved into a two-way interactive communication.

2 network marketing multimedia nature. Available in many ways text, sound, animation, flash, video and other communication information. In addition there is a hypertext link way, in the form of information dissemination is the network address exists on the network, information dissemination and acceptance is repeatedly switch between different hypertext links. Network information dissemination to achieve a diversified and innovative means of dissemination of information dissemination media.

3 network marketing across time and space. Internet marketing can break through time, space, geographical restrictions, so that businesses and consumers to communicate more easily. Internet users can access information according to their own schedule. At the same time, the network spread in place has broken national boundaries, it can be spread over a larger spatial extent, share the achievements of civilization.

4 network marketing personalization. Internet marketing campaign can target a particular consumer, one-to-one way to provide personalized service. For example, the purchase on Dell's website products, customers design products according to their own preferences, and then assembled by the company from the original traditional "companies providing products, customers receive product" is changed to "customer needs products, providing product" new ways.

(B) based network marketing channel branding

Comprehensive analysis of the network marketing brand characteristics, can be drawn based network marketing business branding channels. From this brand promotion channels can be seen between users and non-users affect each other and influence between them depends influence in decision-making related to the status or groups. Meanwhile, network marketing is not isolated, offline and online brand marketing brand marketing conditions affect each other. Online brand through advertising, public relations, marketing and co-users to self-propagate its impact on brand awareness and image, they are combined with offline marketing, brand image, brand influence purchasing decisions and consumer information. If the actual effect of the final product does not match with the cognitive image, marketing, information began to reverse flow, and ultimately they diverge to the original perception of other groups through marketing channels change. If the actual effect of the final product in line with the understanding of the image, this image will be enhanced perception, eventually forming a good relationship with the brand and reverse this relationship to strengthen and spread through marketing channels, a positive interaction.

Second, the network marketing problems of corporate brand building

(A) the enterprise network marketing awareness backwardness and lack credibility

Many UK companies rely on traditional marketing methods because performance is relatively satisfactory, network marketing companies still do not get good results. SME network marketing brand building survey, the bottleneck in many online transaction implementation, living first one is "integrity aspects of the problem," the proportion of 25.8%; up 58.8% of the SMEs website bogged down "half stagnation" state, causing Liu Cheng Site "death" Honesty is the reason. "Nobody believed" as a constraint network marketing brand building for SMEs biggest problem. On the other hand, has a broad and smooth high-speed network is a necessary condition for network marketing, slow network speeds in some county towns and villages, so many companies lose branding opportunities.

(B) the network marketing brand building purposes is not clear

Many UK businesses to develop online marketing can not get rid of the traditional marketing concept that enterprise network marketing is nothing more than to reach the goal of promoting the sale, because the purpose of the network marketing brand building is not clear, not clear, you can not network marketing and business process integration can not be achieved by relying on advanced network technology and customer as an information carrier to two-way interactive communication, and ultimately achieve the goal of corporate brand building. We know that the impact of the three applications for network marketing companies are increasing the potential customers, sales growth, expansion of sales area, these three factors are associated with the sale and did not really implement the corporate brand building. Network marketing purpose is not clear, so that enterprises in the construction site product sales rose more attention, but the lack of corporate culture, business philosophy and brand image promotion.

(C) in the form of a single network marketing have a negative impact on corporate brand building

Many businesses in the form of a single UK network marketing, both online advertising and search engine marketing accounted for 80% of the total cost of the enterprise network, blog marketing and video marketing as a new network marketing only to 1.3%. Online advertising pervasive, false advertising is flooded, it is precisely because the existence of these false advertising and mandatory pop-up ads, so consumers are hated. Consumer trust online advertising reduce enterprise network marketing is extremely detrimental effect on corporate brand building also constituted a threat.

(D) a lack of talent impede the development of complex enterprise network marketing

Many enterprises lack the British compound talents, limiting the enterprises to develop Internet marketing. There are many companies is the Webmaster and Internet marketers are not in place, resulting corporate website into an empty furnishings, not to talk about timely information updates and modifications. 2012 "Pudong New Area talent shortage index report" that the 2011 talent shortage index is listed in site development engineer severe shortage of one of the five positions, network marketing companies to ensure the realization of the strategy, the need for more complex talent, and the current British companies are reluctant to put money into the network personnel training, hindering the development of network marketing, lost business opportunities to increase brand awareness.

Third, network marketing suggestions to strengthen the corporate brand building

Enterprises in brand building must be tough, but just to provide a good network marketing opportunity for corporate brand building. We propose the following suggestions:

(A) network marketing business thinking to change the traditional concept of brand building

Enterprises in order to improve brand building, we must first establish a correct concept of network marketing, deepen brand promotion and awareness of the network. The cost of traditional marketing methods propaganda spent getting high, which promotes a new way of marketing to change the traditional brands. For example, Li Ning Company spotted the potential of network marketing, the company set up a special organization in the digital marketing and e-commerce. Li Ning is also a network marketing company earnestly, truly enhance the Li Ning brand.

Branding is the goal, network marketing is a means. Similar enterprise products for consumers, so companies should reflect the differences from the emotional aspects of the brand is differentiated identification. Enterprises in the process of Web site operators must always adhere to the brand building as the ultimate goal, to deepen the culture, philosophy and brand essence of corporate publicity campaign to constantly deepen consumer awareness and brand loyalty. For example, Coca-Cola (UK) company, with a network of activities that highlight the unique personality and prominent social image, brand image for him.
(Two) brand promotion and construction should pay attention to corporate site design

First, the site page design should avoid using flashy pictures or text content, as well as to highlight the characteristics of the concept of corporate brand products or services. Website design should not only have good readability, and make consumers want to visit again urge that evoke their curiosity.

Secondly, the site is designed to meet the characteristics of the target consumer group, from the perspective of customers and potential customers. For example, log in Kentucky homepage, you'll notice that KFC emphasize happiness, exercise and nutritional balance, indicating that it is a youth marketing goals. NBA basketball rookie Jeremy Lin, the British brand's new rice enough to deepen consumer KFC brand awareness.

Again, enhanced sense of trust users of the site. Like business cards online on the website, users access the corporate Web site can learn more about the enterprise, so the professional image of your website is very important for businesses. Corporate Web site if typos, broken links, images can not be displayed, color clutter, content expiration, etc., will reduce the user's sense of trust. Placed on the site can be considered to protect user privacy, customer evaluation page, which can help improve user confidence in the site, and thus increase the enterprise's brand trust.

(C) in the network marketing to develop a clear brand positioning and marketing strategies

In network marketing brand name must be clear, for example, the name given to the style, characteristics, personality, can differ from competitors; names should be close to the psychological needs of the target consumer group, affinity; has stylish, easy to remember. In the process of brand building, product promotional materials, advertising, public relations, sponsorship, etc., should be consistent and brand positioning. In addition, the network marketing should pay particular attention to the brand's communication. Network marketing approach reflects the double value of communication and communication, with emphasis on building interactive communication between brands and consumers.

(D) a large number of network marketing cultivate compound talents

With economic development, various industries and fields require a lot of professionals, but society needs is more complex talent. British universities should be employment-oriented, the innovative concept of competency-based education courses throughout the network marketing system. For example, in order to meet corporate brand network marketing purposes, you can set the same public school education programs, economic management courses, e-commerce courses, the purpose is to foster adaptability, distinctive, prominent internet marketing technology talents.

Enterprises in the introduction of talent while also strengthening the personnel training system to develop training plans. Enterprises should set up a special fund to organize regular training of staff training. Companies can also hire experts to do business seminars, talent constantly updated understanding of the market needs. For example, along with economic development, people's living standards improve, the price is no longer a major factor restricting human consumption, the brand has become the most important factor in consumer purchase of reference, so companies must keep up with the pace of the times, take advantage of Network Marketing deepen brand building.


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