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为什么企业不顾损失去发布新产品呢?新产品能够获得产品系列、市场份额、企业品牌价值的优势。一旦谨慎发布,新产品便能扭转企业亏损形势、转负为盈。然而,值得注意的是,一旦新产品无法在市场上立足,那么便可能专盈为负。然而,Schumpeter (1934)谈到新产品引起的竞争比现有产品因价格增长而引起的竞争还要大。因此,从组织发展的角度看,当务之急是在产品层面上创新并推出新产品。
A launch of a new product is a landmark in a company’s history. The launch of a product should ideally be a well-coordinated event where even the smallest department of the organization is informed of the new product and specification. The management, however, needs to have a clear and holistic idea about the market condition and should be able to predict the reception of the product in the market. Prediction, right or wrong, helps to plan for the future and avoids uninvited troubles. Another anxious group of people associated with the launch would be the investors of the company. Small or big, they will be anxious to know how the new product shines in the market and how the results of the launch are.
Why do companies take all the pain and loss in the world to launch a new product? New products breathe fresh life in to the product range, market share and the brand value of a company. When carefully launched, a new product can bring a company’s profit and loss account to green figures. The caveat, however, is that a new product that does not do well in the market can turn any green figure (of profit and loss account) into red. Nevertheless, Schumpeter (1934) remarked that the competition posed by novel products is more substantial than that posed by a small increase in the prices of existing products. Therefore, from a perspective of growth of an organization, it is imperative that innovations at product level are identified and brought out as new products.
Sports always have been a big entertainer for humans since time unknown. As time passed by and with the dawn of commercialization, sports also have turned into a commodity that can be sold. Sports have drawn interest not only from athletes and sport enthusiasts but also from business men and organizations. High performance sporting equipment manufacture and sales have seen many corporations rise and compete world over. With a large research and analysis going to every movement of a sportsman/sportswoman, sports equipment manufacturers are aiming higher comfort for these athletes and better profits for the organizations. This report will focus on one such manufacturer and a product that will help all athletes around the globe.(责任编辑:BUG)

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