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Impacts On Midland Realtys Real Estate Business
Transportation is considered a necessity by a lot of people. From the experience of transit schemes shows that it can play a significant role in improving the attractiveness and quality of urban public transport. It would help to increase the value of nearby real estate. Although the value of real estate increase, how would Midland Realty makes use of this opportunity to capitalize the sale. The revenue of Midland Realty is mainly base on the transaction of real estate. Service which provides by Midland Realty is the main factor. So, it is crucial to examine critically the impact of on Midland Realty's Real Estate Business After The Extension of Kowloon Southern Link to Hunghom in 2009.
The aim of the research is to find out that the impacts on Midland Realty's real estate business after the extension of Kowloon Southern Link to Hunghom. How Midland Realty can make use of this opportunity to increase the sale. This study will base on the following objectives to examine the result. The first objective is to examine the awareness and attitudes of potential buyers towards the demand of real estate along Kwoloon Southern Link stations. This is a very important factor which would affect the result of this research. The second objective is to investigate Midland Realty has spend enough resources on real estate business. Any internal factors will related or effect to the sale of Midland Realty? Also, this paper base on questionnaire with face to face interview or telephone and around 100 potential buyers or buyers of the real estate along the Kowloon Southern Link station will be asked, in order to investigate the impacts on Midland Realty's real estate business after the extension of Kowloon Southern Link to Hunghom in 2009.(责任编辑:cinq)

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