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Phased Introduction To Asian Pacific Markets 
For the aim of the realizing the most efficient work plan for the Asian Pacific countries, the follwing is recommended that Citibank needs to enter international credit card markets via a phased plan. That plan is likely to define the credit card to the areas which are quessed to get the minimum amount of risk integrated with their economic sutiations, govermantal status and cultural rights of credit usage. When these implement, the benefit of the implementations will allow all above factors to help the success of the future expansions and provide a powerful competitor into the markets. Citibank may also enter the gold marketplace firstly, by providing a less volume, but high amount of product which lower-middle class customers will strive for and eventually have, in the Standard Card product. (Buencamino D. and Gorbunov, 2002)
The powerful points of entering the Asian market are to make a wider perspective for Citibank's view of the global market, the occasions retrived by a powerful economic growth area, the future expectations to cross-sell its whole product line.
The risks of entering the Asian marketplace are the political corruption, fraud, cultural differences, and government regulations. The potential rewards of being a fast follower to the Asian market outweigh the risk of the political corruption. Cultural differences and government regulations are known risks and each country will have a different plan to optimize its business in these differing environments. The concern between the mismatch of the targeted banking business and the traditional mass market credit card business is mitigated by taking a phased approach, where the credit cards are initially launched in upscale markets and over time are expanded to lower markets.
Marketing the Gold Card to Upscale Markets 对高端市场销售黄金卡
The majority of Asian markets see credit card ownership as a symbol of prestige and status. To continue Citibank's upscale image, Phase I would include offering a Gold credit card in the following countries to the more affluent population, Malaysia, Thailand, India and Singapore. The services that will be offered to all of the Gold Card markets are listed in Table 1. As can be seen, Citibank keeps its image as an upscale credit card company with superior services. (Buencamino D. and Gorbunov, 2002)(责任编辑:BUG)

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