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Swisse医疗保健品市场营销的应用 Swisse's Application on Healthcare Products Marketing

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Executive Summary 执行摘要
The purpose of this report was to analyse the marketing mix principles used by the Swisse to marketing its products and find directions for further development. The report illustrates how Swisse succeed through application of marketing mix elements: well-researched products, people and organisation culture, promotion through leadership and CSR marketing as well as the globalisation exchange. Recommendations are made on focusing on food safety regulations and global market management.
Introduction 简介
With the advancement of researches on the health of human body as well as the increasing ability to buy, people starts to focus more on life quality and healthy living habits these years. Increasingly people began to pay more attention and money to body maintenance and health products, which brings business opportunities for the health care products market.
Swisse is an Australian health and wellness company that manufactures vitamin, supplements and other personal care products that are currently available in about 30 countries including Australia, New Zealand, United King, the United States and Hong Kong, etc. Founded in 1969, the company has been committed to its philosophy: health, happiness (H&H) with a belief that the focus on people, passion and principles will naturally bring profit in. It conveys its philosophy to the public by introducing ambassadors who are sports stars or celebrities conducting a healthy life cycle.
For about 50 years, Swisse has been investing in independent scientific researches on the development and innovations of scientifically-supported healthy products. It started building up since establishment partnerships with universities, laboratories and other top academic institutions as well as its own scientific advisory panel consisted of a group of academics, scientists and clinicians. The company also focus on corporate social responsibility by using natural ingredients, offsetting carbon emissions, investing in charities and advocating sustainability.(责任编辑:BUG)

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