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Chapter 1 Introduction 简介
1.0 Background
Report showed that the size of transaction of China's e-commerce market in 2014 was 12.3 trillion yuan (RMB), the size of the transaction is expected to reach 24.2 trillion yuan (RMB) in 2018. Among them, the penetration rate of online shopping in the total retail sales of social consumption goods was 10%, the growth rate was 48.7%, it is the backbone to promote the development of the e-commerce market, of which O2O business growth was 42.8%, it is the new force that can not be ignored in current Chinese economic development (Xiao, Wang, Lenzer and Sun, 2017). Currently, there are already 43% of Chinese enterprises which carry out online and offline business at the same time. For example, Alibaba carry out offline strategy, through investment in Yintai business and comprehensive use of Yintai mall stores, data of goods and members to break the plight of development of the retail industry; JUMEI, Jingdong, VIPSHOP and other e-business enterprises have also opened offline retail experience shops to promote online and offline complementary development. Wanda Group combined with Baidu, Tencent to set up Wanda e-commerce, through the use of its own strong line of commercial real estate and retail store resources to integrate information, so that it has formed online consumption, offline experience shopping closed-loop (Xiao, Wang, Lenzer and Sun, 2017).
To carry out online retail is the extension of the original business of offline retailers to the network. Network channels can be cost-effective to complete transactions. However, mutual integration of traditional retail and online retail is not smooth. In general, the current status of online retail business carried by traditional retailers is not optimistic, most retail companies face low return on investment, poor earnings prospects and other challenges. The channel strategy of vast majority of well-known offline retailers who have opened online stores is not successful (Huang, Pan and Liu, 2017).
Online and offline combination broadens original marketing channels, limited resources within and outside an enterprise will be re-configured, in the process, there may be resources robbed, that  is, channel conflict phenomenon. Brynjolfsson and Rahman (2009), Ansari, Mela, Neslin (2008) found that the problem of channel conflict is the biggest problem faced by enterprises in expanding online marketing to carry out network marketing. Customer groups of original entity channels migrate to network channels, so that sales of offline stores is transferred to online stores, which in fact has little effect on the overall sales and performance improvement of enterprises (Brynjolfsson and Rahman, 2009; Ansari, Mela, Neslin, 2008). In addition, in order to open up an outlet as soon as possible for online channels, most of traditional retailers have taken a series of incorrect marketing strategy. This strategy not only cultivates consumers’ bad consumption habits, for example, consumers are only willing to buy products through online channels, if they can not buy products through online channels, they are also not willing to purchase through online channels, resulting in substitution effects (Cassab and MacLachlan, 2009).(责任编辑:cinq)

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