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留学生足球文化论文写作润色-To Europe and South America football style of

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To Europe and South America football style of the differences between the cultural interpretation

Pick to: football is by the people all over the world like a sport in which Europe and South America is the modern world football map is the most representative two schools. Each play features showed different styles, and is the national culture of the external performance. The article to Britain, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, for example, from the point of view of the national culture to try, this style of football sports differences culture origin.

1 introduction

Football is called "the world's first sports". It with its unique glamour became popular in the world, all over the world have countless enthusiasts. Throughout world football, European and South American team real are the strongest, players ability more outstanding, world championship was almost all they won, no doubt, they are international football movement started two center. And two continents team in the tactical, technical style is completely different. For the understanding of the great difference is football. Every branch of strong behind the team, all has its unique cultural support, all kinds of different style of the football is different of the national culture of external show. Each country's football team in the world and the fans to show his soccer at the same time, but also on the show the national culture.

2 European power football: knight and chariot

England is the birthplace of modern football, the traditional British football long enjoyed the play is a typical representative of the European power schools, on behalf of the state have England, Germany, Norway, Sweden, etc. The play is exquisite characteristics of time and space race, tall, strength outstanding, run quickly, the ball movements are simple pragmatic, ZhongChangChuan cooperate more, through the midfielder simply and quickly, the head obvious advantages, offensive launched in the backcourt long or the second point of after entering the fray. Long shots frequent, shot for linear power long shots and more capped, the defense to marking is given priority to, personal defense area is large. Rob cut fierce.

2.1 England football style of cultural interpretation

Britain in Europe free long-term outside the mainstream of the society, even British just continental Europe's neighbour and Europe is not really a member, from the geographical position is also so. It continuously absorbing foreign culture, religion and politics civilization, in these civilization on the transformation of their own unique like to bring all of a mark to used to distinguish the original culture, and performance to the original cultural contempt and rejection, typical of the island nation psychological characteristics. Although usually to finally have to accept the compromise and reform, but it will keep their own marks from beginning to end, maintain a kind of near stubborn pride, which takes a distinctive civilization development way. England culture shaped powerful England nation, and its people has the competition and confrontation, war and conquer caused the inevitability of England football originated in now. This and originated in China ancient football were fundamentally different. England national culture is the essence of the gentleman poise and the spirit of knights, this is Britain's value orientation and moral standards, reflected in football rules of making the rules is offside and the FanGuiZhe behind the severely punished.(责任编辑:BUG)

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