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BA Thesis Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences

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This research paper aims at analyzing Africa-American women’s families and social status during the 1960s--- the second feminism movement.
Alice Walker was the spokeswoman of Africa-American in the second feminism movement. She came up with the theory ---womanism which was different from feminism, and her masterpiece The Color of Purple (2008, Alice Walker) [1] not only won her the Pulitzer but also made her one of the leaders of feminism. This book concerning a black woman’s growth--- how she got ride of physical bound and struggled against spiritual oppression, will be a point of penetration to peep at black woman’s fate.
艾丽斯·沃克是非洲裔的第二个女权主义运动的发言人。她想出了理论---妇女主义这是从女性主义不同,她的代表作紫色(2008年,艾丽斯·沃克) [ 1 ] ,不仅为她赢得了普利策也使女性主义的领袖她一个。这本书关于一个黑人妇女的成长---她是怎么摆脱束缚的挣扎和对精神的压迫,将从一个切入点来窥视黑女人的命运。

In this research book, firstly, some terminologies will be introduced, such as feminism, womanism and Patriarchal; the reader will understand the background information better after that. Secondly, the attention will be focused on the contents, mainly including four parts: how they achieved their self-value; how they against for violence; Celie’s pursuit of love and black women’s dedication to education and social management. From these four parts, we can see how black woman gradually realized that they held their own fate, and that they had the ability and responsibility to find them.

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