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India Playing too Much International Cricket 
When India won the Test at Mohali (India), there was much joy and celebration between the players and coaches. Winning a test series against one of the best teams of in the world, to the Indian cricketers there was no better feeling, no better morale booster. For a while, everyone sat around enjoying the moment of victory, but it was not long before practical thoughts entered the minds of players. The match ended in mid-afternoon on Day Four, the early finish of the test match opened up opportunities of leaving for home and seeing the family that they all missed due to a heavy cricket schedule, and suddenly the person most wanted in the changing room in was a travel agent. With four full days before the next game, the players wanted to see their families. 
The Indian cricket team always has some sort of constant spin going on in it. The team plays every other day, players live out of suitcases for long periods, without seeing there families. After a three-month tour to South Africa the stressed and tired players had just enough time to drop their bags home before heading for the next Test match. Virender Sehwag a key man of the attacking Indian batting line up is quoted after an unsatisfactory session in the nets at Chandigarh, "I am trying to concentrate but I am still jet lagged. I can barely see the ball. This is pretty crazy." Sehwag is not the only person to be quoted for comments like this, experienced leg spinner Anil Kumble, Sachin Tendulker the person to be voted best cricketer of the century, All Rounder Rahul Dravid have all at one point in there career have complained about the amount of cricket they have to play for there country. 
This may seem like madness but there is a strong and important reason for this to happen; international sport is driven by economics, demand and supply are some of the factors, and each sport has its own motion and its strange dynamics. In the world market, Indian cricket is a precious product and as everybody manages more cricket, so everybody gets more cricket. (责任编辑:BUG)

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