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Sociology Essay:老年人心理健康

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Sociology Essay:老年人心理健康
老年人的精神健康问题并没有像其他年龄的人那样经常发生。然而,理解老年人中心理健康问题的重要性是不容忽视的。最常见的心理健康问题,可能会在以后的生活中出现,包括认知障碍,痴呆,学习障碍,抑郁,焦虑。那些问题,抑郁症的发生最频繁,影响七分之一的老年人。 研究还表明,有越来越多的老年痴呆症患者,估到2021将达到近100万(阿尔茨海默氏病协会,2007)。 造成这些问题的原因各有不同,但其很大程度上影响老年人的心理健康和日常生活。 记忆的丧失和变化,还有不正常的行为也影响家人和社区里其他人(伍兹,2011)。
在斯普劳斯顿的研究中(1999),我们发现7%的中国移民据说可能有精神障碍,是在一般人群中的比例(17%)的一半。 Nazroo(1997)也发现,在英国的中国男性焦虑患病率是5%,而白人男性中比例为12%。 中国女性焦虑发生率也低于白人女性(分别为10%和23%)。 这些研究可以表明在英国的中国人精神健康比本地的白人好。 然而,由于这两项研究是基于规模相对较小的方法,他们可能无法反映整个中国人口的精神健康状况。 据报道,中国的精神健康问题是英国卫生服务的表率,患病率低于其他少数民族(黄和李科克伦1989年,1989年,Sproston et al . 1999年)。
Mental Health In Older People 
Mental health problems among older people do not occur as often as they do in other age group. However, the importance of understanding mental health issues in older people cannot be ignored. The most common mental health issues that can happen in later life include cognitive impairment, dementia, learning disabilities, depression, and anxiety (Stuart-Hamilton 2012). Among those issues, depression happens most frequently, influencing one in seven older people (Age Scotland 2012). Studies also show that there are a growing number of people with dementia, which is estimated to reach almost 1 million by 2021 (Alzheimer's Society 2007). The causes of those problems vary but their impact on older people's mental well-being and daily life can be significant. Memory loss and changes, challenging behaviours also influence their families and other people in communities (Woods 2011).
In a study by Sproston (1999), 7% of Chinese immigrants were reported to possibly have a psychiatric disorder, less than half of the proportion among general population (17%). Nazroo (1997) also found that prevalence of anxiety among male Chinese in the community sample the UK was 5% compared with 12% among white males. The prevalence of anxiety among female Chinese was also lower than that among white females (10% and 23% respectably) (Nazroo 1997). Those studies can indicate that Chinese people in the UK are mentally healthier than native white people in those sample communities. However, because of the both studies were based on relatively small scale approach, they may not be able to reflect mental health of whole Chinese population in the UK. It has been reported that Chinese people with mental health issues are underrepresented in the health services of the UK, lower than other ethnic minority groups (Wong and Cochrane 1989, Li 1991, Sproston et al. 1999).(责任编辑:cinq)

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