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进入就业 Entry to Employment
一些有学习困难和障碍的年轻人也可以进入E2E,但只能进入E2E入门级以下。 在E2E里这些习者的进步和成就需要仔细计划协商。 每个考虑应采取确保年轻人在E2E里不能太随意,因为他们的行为或需要可能在其他地方是不允许的(LSC,2006,第六页)。
Differentiating Work and Keeping Learners Motivated within a Group with Wide Ranging Abilities
The Entry to Employment (E2E) programme is a roll-on/roll-off course designed to provide a pathway for 16-18 year olds who are not in education, employment or training (NEETs) towards employment or further education.
As many of these learners have not been in any sort of education for some time due to exclusion or other barriers to their learning, they may arrive with a lack of understanding of their own abilities, current level of knowledge and, often, learning difficulties that may or may not have been identified previously.
Using case studies of students that have been anonymised, this paper will examine ways in which work can be differentiated for students, particularly those with learning difficulties, in a group that has a wide range of abilities. It will also look at ways to motivate learners affected by their own realisation that they may not be at the same level of their peers to work towards qualifications at their own standard.(责任编辑:cinq)

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