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通过时代的研究,性关系得到了许多学科的研究。人类文明发展的历史,在一定意义上是两性关系的进化史。劳动是人类文明发展的动力,不仅创造了人,而且改造了人。人与动物之间的区别是工作,而人与人之间的区别是社会分工。社会分工给每个人一个不同的社会地位,分配一个不同的社会空间,在不同的社会责任和发挥着不同的社会作用。作为人民的一部分,妇女不可避免地受到社会分工的影响。在不同的历史阶段,不同的社会分工决定了女性在社会生活中的地位,并对一些延伸决定了女性在社会空间特征及其兴衰中的作用。Through the ages, sexual relations have been the research of many disciplines. A history of human civilization development, in some sense is the evolutionary history of relations between the sexes. Labor is the motive force of human civilization development, which not only created man but also transform the people. What makes a distinction between people and animals is work, and that make a distinction between person and person is the social division of labor of labor. Social division of labor gives each person a different social status, allocates a different social space, be under different social responsibility and plays a different social role. As part of the people, without exception, women were influenced by social division of labor inevitably. In different stages of history, different social division of labor determines the status of women in social life, and to some extends determines the role of women in the social space characteristics and their rise and decline.
In early human development, namely the matriarchal period, there was no obvious differentiation between women and men in the production of livelihood and, and the only difference was the division of different nature. Due to the strong physique, men went fishing and hunting, be against the beast with great blindness and chance. And for the reason that the tools were extremely crude it lead to a bad situation that the harvest was very limited; Due to weaker physique and flexible fingers, women did some word like gathering fruit and making clothing, which were stable and had a relatively good harvest and then became the main source of clan members life. Women found the rule of the growth of plants in long-term engaged in the acquisition of labor, and began regular collection and to plant in small area, thus invented the primitive agriculture, which enabled them become the main agricultural labor. Survival needs led to women's important status. In old China, the status of women caring inside household, men dominating outside of household had never changed. For women, they bare the high pressure under working environment and the responsible for breeding babies. ”In fact, 90 per cent of workers sent home were women with small children. For the women involved, the loss of income caused serious material difficulties”(Tamara Jacka,1990,p3).(责任编辑:anne)

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