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乐购公司SWOT分析法(Tesco SWOT Analysis)

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乐购公司在2013年被视为英国最大的零售商(零售经济学,2014),并保持在欧洲和亚洲12个国家的稳固地位(乐购公司,2014)。若要稳固其位置和提高盈利能力,乐购公司应评定其竞争优势、竞争劣势、机遇和威胁(SWOT分析法)。竞争优势和竞争劣势主要针对内部因素对公司的影响;相反的,机遇和威胁是外部因素对公司的影响(柯林斯,2010)。因此,确定该公司的营销业绩如何,用SWOT分析法对公司进行分析是非常重要的(科特勒et al .,2013)。
在全球,乐购是一个强大的零售品牌,进入世界最高价值品牌前100位,略低于宜家但高于eBay(金融品牌,2014)。乐购是一家提供物美价廉、便利且产品种类多和符合当地实际管理的公司(Wood and McCarthy, 2014)。在全球上,乐购有6784家门店,自2012年来,已增加门店433家,尽管面临美国金融危机的风险Fresh & Easy(特易购、2012、2014)。
Tesco plc was the UK’s top retailer in 2013 (Retail Economics, 2014) and maintains a presence in 12 countries in Europe and Asia (Tesco, 2014). To sustain its position and build profitability, Tesco must assess its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). Strengths and weaknesses focus on internal factors affecting a company; in contrast, opportunities and threats identify external issues (Collins, 2010). Thus, it is important to carry out a SWOT analysis to ascertain how the company is performing in the market (Kotler et al., 2013).
Tesco is a powerful retail brand globally, in the top 100 of the world’s most valued brands, slightly below Ikea and well above eBay (Brand Finance, 2014). It is known as a company that offers value for money, convenience, a wide range of products, and locally-sensitive management (Wood and McCarthy, 2014). Worldwide, Tesco has 6,784 stores, an increase of 433 stores since 2012, despite the disposal of their US venture, Fresh & Easy (Tesco, 2012, 2014). Tesco has utilised innovative business methods in its rise, including the creation of stores like Tesco Metro and Tesco Express, which are small stores in local neighbourhoods to make shopping more convenient for the customers (Schiraldi, Smith and Takahashi, 2012). Other strengths in their global operations include online shopping, joint ventures, such as in China, and local recruitment, including in senior management positions (Koen, Bertels and Elsum, 2011). Because of their size and facilities, Tesco can buy in bulk, benefiting from economies of scale (Blythman, 2012). This permits the company to lower prices to keep prices attractive and be competitive with UK retailers such as Asda or Sainsbury’s. Additionally, by creating loyalty packages such as the Clubcard, they retain customers, creating long-term relationships (Felgate, Fearne and Di Falco, 2011).(责任编辑:BUG)

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