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SWOT Analysis Examples, Templates & Definition

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SWOT分析是在1960年代由业务专家埃德蒙·p创造 .据了解,c·罗兰·克里斯坦森,肯尼斯·安德鲁斯和威廉·d·书在他们的书中提及“业务策略、文本和案例”(r?欧文,1969)。虽然该工具最初是用于商业用途,不过现在已经被应用来帮助个人发《重置》的作者Dwain Schenck:如何战胜失业蓝调,准备你的下一个法案”(De分支头目一生的书籍,2013)。金姆Giangrande,人力资源负责人说,‘SWOT分析给了企业一个独特方式去重新评估他们的处境。SWOT的理想结果是利用数据准确创建一个坚实的行动计划,以解决一个弱点和威胁,并突出或积极利用自己的优势和机会’

When examining the potential for a new business or product, a SWOT analysis can help determine the likely risks and rewards. SWOT, which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, is an analytical framework that can help your company face its greatest challenges and find its most promising new markets.

SWOT analysis was created in the 1960s by business gurus Edmund P. Learned, C. Roland Christensen, Kenneth Andrews and William D. Book in their book "Business Policy, Text and Cases" (R.D. Irwin, 1969). While the tool was originally intended for business use, it has since been adopted to aid personal development.

Dwain Schenck, author of "Reset: How to Beat the Job Loss Blues and Get Ready for your Next Act" (De Capo Lifelong Books, 2013), and Kim Giangrande, principal at Intuitive HR, say SWOT analysis gives businesses a unique way of re-evaluating their positions. "The ideal outcome of a SWOT is accurate data that can be utilized to create a solid action plan for addressing a weakness and threats, and highlighting or positively exploiting your strengths and opportunities," Schenck and Giangrande told Business News Daily.

"This analysis leads to business awareness and is the cornerstone of any successful strategic plan," said Bonnie Taylor, vice president of strategic marketing at CCS Innovations. "It is impossible to accurately map out a small business's future without first evaluating it from all angles, which includes an exhaustive look at all internal and external resources and threats. A SWOT accomplishes this in four straight-forward steps that even rookie business owners can understand and embrace."
Niki Pfeiffer, founder of Niki Pfeiffer Designs, noted that many small business owners don't know how to properly use a SWOT analysis to guide their businesses.
"It is about leveraging your strengths, outsourcing and partnering where you are weak, focusing on opportunities, and being aware of threats," she said.(责任编辑:cinq)

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