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谷歌的SWOT分析 Google SWOT Analysis

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1. Introduction 简介
In the recent years, with the development of globalization and world economy, the market competition becomes fiercer and fierce. Modern corporations are paying attention to their external and internal environment, as well as the achievement of corporate social responsibility. In this way, they can improve themselves according to relevant analysis. This essay will use SWOT framework to analyze Google’s external and internal environment, use PESTE framework to analyze MacDonald’s and the influence of social responsibility on Fonterra’s decision making. At last, an overall conclusion will be made.
2. SWOT analysis for Google 谷歌的SWOT分析
Google is an American multinational high-tech corporation and devotes itself to internet search, cloud computing, advertisement technology and other fields. It develops and provides large number of products and services based on internet. Its major profits are from advertisement services. After about twenty years’ development, it is recognized as the largest global internet search engine with billions of users. SWOT framework is used to confirm the corporations’ competition strengths and weaknesses, external opportunities and threats so that they can connect the internal resources with external environment together (Kurttila, M., Pesonen, M., Kangas, J., & Kajanus, M. 2000).
Strengths. The most powerful strength lies on its brand image. According to the most valuable brand list, Google was rewarded as the most valuable brand around the world with another 40% growth last year. In the past few years, Google ranked in the top of the brand list. In order to maintain its brand value, it manages to improve itself all the time. For example, Google X lab even tried to use fire balloon to provide Wi-Fi service for remote areas. Such creativity idea has inspired its brand value. In last year, Google Project Glass made great progress (Friesner, T. 2011). And Google would promote more revolutionary products for commercial world and its clients which indicated its brand value. The second strength is its people-oriented service and it is the best reason for Google users’ selection. Its search results are not prejudicial because it refuses payment for ranking and insists on offering search results which are closest to users’ psychological demand. The interface of Google remains clean and neat with quick loading rate. And searching results are not involved with any commercial operation and people would not see any mandatory advertisement. In addition, Google cares about details. Its logo looks like a little nifty. The colorful circle letters seem quite amiable (Jian, X. 2007). The humorous that Google shows anywhere makes users relaxing.(责任编辑:BUG)

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