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近年来,我国的经济改革已使中国经济增长率的增长,使中国成为世界主要经济体之一。例如,它是世界上最大的进口国和出口国。(加诺特。研发的歌。升2006)由于这种结构的变化,中国经济成为世界第二大经济体,1999。经济增长超过10倍,国内生产总值达到4兆3300亿美元的2008。随着中国经济的增长,它已成为全球经济的一个重要的角色,同时也增加了它的重要性。(加诺特。研发的歌。l 2006)
Complete every section is completed using correct spelling and grammar
Use the appropriate Harvard Referencing format, when referring to authors’ published works 
Refer to the notes in each section to ensure that you are addressing the question
Establish a logical coherence between your research topic, your research aim and objectives, your research problem(s) and research questions, and finally the original contribution.
Proposed Title of your Research (Research Question)
The proposed title should be a researchable question, or topic in the area of study, the title should clearly identify the area of interest:
1.1 Background and Context
This section should state the rationale behind the proposed study and how it relates to the subject area and previous work.  This should include references. This should be around 200 words in length.#p#分页标题#e#
In recent years, economic reforms in China have increased economic growth and made China one of the major economies in the world. For example, It is the world’s largest importer and exporter.(Garnaut.R & Song. L 2006) Due to this structural change, the Chinese economy became the second largest economy of the world by 1999. The economy has grown more than 10 times with GDP reaching 4.33 trillion US dollars by 2008. As the Chinese Economies role has grown, it has become a major player in the global economy and the importance of it has also increased. (Garnaut.R & Song. L 2006)
In the backgrounds as above, China will no longer just being the ‘the world factory’, and Fashion business also going through a transformation to establish its own brand world-wide, and taking their Fashion industry to another level.  The researcher of this proposal obtained a master degree in International Fashion Marketing and Journalism and communication Bachelor degree in UK. During the time of study and working in Fashion industry in last 3 years, it allowed me to understand how important management could affect a brand to develop and expanding in a foreign environment.  Therefore this research could be very important for Chinese Fashion industry to understanding the importance of innovation management, and how innovation management could benefit their companies.
1.2 Problem Statement 
This section should state clearly the research problem(s) as informed by the literature and develop questions to address the stated problem(s)
Firstly, the research involves China’s economic growth. It is almost impossible to get first hand economic data from the government, but this research will use reliable reports, journals and other books to analyze the Chinese economic growth over several years. 
In this research, researcher will study Bosideng Group, which has just established in UK in 2012, Researcher may not be able to have access to the full company data, but due to researcher will has an work placement with the company, this problem will be solve in short future. 
The research could be limited by case study samples. It is only recent years that Chinese Fashion industry starts expanding world-widely. Lack of success samples to compare with, but that could also be the advantage of this study.
1.3 Research Questions
1. Why Chinese Fashion brand need to expanding their business outside China?
2. Where and Why they chose the current location for their expansion.
3. How their management team adopting different environment.
4. How could innovation management benefit their business?
1.4 Literature Review
Applicants should be able to review 8 to 10 articles pertaining to the given topic. These should be from refereed journals.  #p#分页标题#e#
Applicants should refer to current literature in their chosen field of study, and be able to present evidence of a sample of research data. Report critically on the rigor and validity of the literature. Demonstrate a critical awareness of current issues based on an understanding of theory concepts and of previous research in the area.
China Economy Growth 
China has its own unique history and culture, which influenced the growth of the economy. In the 1950s, the Peoples Republic of China began developing the economy. Most of the people living in the country lost everything during the war. Ten years of peace was followed by ten years of “Cultural revolution”. 1978 was the turning point for the Chinese people, reformation brought about changes in the life of the Chinese. Since the 1978 reformation, China's economy has made remarkable changes.(Garnaut.R & Song. L 2006)
In 2009 the Chinese economy experienced growth of 8.7%, compared to average growth in other countries of only about 1%. (Kam Wing Chan 2010) IMF (International Monetary Fund) predicts that the Chinese economy will grow by 10% in 2010 and 9.7% in 2011. China is predicted to be the first country to escape the recession in Asia. And at the same time the annual growth per capita (GDP) during the period between 1978-2009 was 8%. However, China has a very low per capita GDP figure of about 3000 USD, because of its huge population. (Garnaut.R & Song. L 2006)
Super big city effect
China is in an unprecedented urbanization process. Research institutions ,(Xiao,C 2007. China National Committee on Ageing) predict that in 2020 China's urban population will account for 60% of the total population and in 2030 will reach 70%. By then, China will have super-cities with a population of more than 25 million people. These super-cities could grow to become super-city groups with populations of more than 60 million people.
In the economic sense, this super-city group also known as an "Urban Economic Circle" and can be defined as a highly concentrated economic center (Peter,J Taylor 2004). This super-city group is closely associated with the center and the center of radiation is driven by a number of hinterland cities. This constitutes the ring economic region (Peter,J Taylor 2004)..
Traditional Chinese culture
China is a country, which has five thousand years of history. There have been many serious factors, which have influenced the Chinese people during this long period until now (Kleinman, A & Lin Tsung-yi. 1981). Many of the cultures have been known by Chinese people for longer than a thousand years and they have also been adopted by many ruling imperial governments (Guillain C 2008). Even though China is ruled by the communist party, Confucianism and Taoism are still the basic moral yardsticks for Chinese society (Kleinman, A & Lin Tsung-yi. 1981). This culture has been passed from generation to generation. As in the western society,religion is the moral guidance and has been used by imperials to rule the country. But as the imperial age went away, religion still influences society. Confucianism and Taoism has the same function as religion in the western world, it influenced the Chinese understanding of the world, understanding the value of a person and how to see others (Kleinman, A & Lin Tsung-yi. 1981).#p#分页标题#e#
1.5 Aim
In this section, please CLEARLY describe the principle aim of your study. You are advised to state a single aim, if possible and relate it clearly to your research area.
The aim of this research is to investigate the expansion of Chinese Fashion Brands in this rapidly maturing and expanding climate. Under this situation the researcher will investigate what factors are affecting the Chinese Fashion Brand, understanding the change of culture and business of environment could effect the management of a Fashion Brand. 
1.6 Research Objectives
Clearly State the main objectives that need to be achieved in order to meet the stated aim (Section 1.3)
1. Understand the history of Chinese economic development and its connection to the growth of the Chinese Fashion Brand.
2. Understand the awareness of Chinese Fashion Brand world widely.
3. Find out what the customers motives are when they purchase Chinese Brand goods and investigate what these Brand mean to the customer. And how consumer behavior could effect Management.
1.7 Research Methodology
Please use this section to describe the proposed research design, research approach and research methods you propose to use. Describe the techniques you propose to use to gather data and who you will obtain it from?  How will the data you collect be analyzed for your research and related to your research aim?  Do you have access, or have you arranged access to relevant organizations for you research? 
Positivism involves the use of objective research methods, the researcher is independent from what is being observed. (Easterby-Smith et al, 2002)
Only by observing and studying the phenomena of the process can reliable data be produced. The researcher needs to create a research strategy to collect the data. Existing theories are developed; the proposed hypothesis is tested, the hypothesis is either refuted or confirmed in part or in its totality. Theories are then postulated to guide the development of the next step, and further investigation. (Saunders et al, 2009)
An exploratory study is a valuable means of finding out “what is happening; to seek new insights; to ask questions and to assess phenomena in a new light’ (Robson,C. 2002). It is very useful to clearly understand the problem, to look for causes and reasons. The focal point of exploratory research is to seek and provide an explanation between two or more phenomenon. There are three ways to perform exploratory studies: a search of the literature; interviewing ‘experts’ in the subject; conducting focus group interviews. (Saunders et al 2009)#p#分页标题#e#
Phenomenology is the science of phenomena. Phenomenological research is based on study experience, personal knowledge and subjectivity, then gathering information to identify phenomena. Phenomenological research rather seeks to describe behavior rather than explain it. It does not use hypotheses or preconceptions. (Plummer 1983, Stanley & wise 1993)
The in-depth interview is informal. The researcher should explore a general area in the study. There will be no preset list of questions to work through during the interview. Although the researcher is required to have a very clear idea about the scope of the interview.  The in-depth interview will give an opportunity for the interviewee to talk freely around the subject area; such as events, behaviour and beliefs. 
1.8 Original Contribution
Briefly explain how your work will represent a unique contribution to knowledge in this field?
This research will study well-established Chinese fashion Brands that are starting expending in UK and to the rest of the world. The data gather in this research will be original, and case study of Bosideng Group will continue 3 years. This study could potentially find the key points for a Chinese Fashion brand’s management problem during the time of their worldwide expansion. The results could be a guideline for Chinese Fashion industry. 
1.9 References & Bibliography
For any cited published works used in this document please record them here using the Harvard referencing format.
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