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英国学校管理论文代写-英国中小学校的校本管理与评价-British middle and primary school

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British middle and primary school of management and evaluation, not only consider the uniform national standards and requirements, but also on the regional differences and school personality. In fully understand and master the school both on development status of through dialogue and consultation, design the suit the circumstance of our school-based evaluation index, looking for school development advantages and disadvantages, and make corresponding improvement scheme, and finally promote the development of the school and ascend.

British middle and primary school of school-based management and evaluation

-to Woodland Grange, learn and Hazelwick middle school for example

After the 1980 s, the British primary and middle schools in curriculum committee guidance, through consultation with the royal supervisor and this school staff, made the school management and evaluation policy and carry out the school's self management and evaluation. After a long time of hard work, many of Britain's schools are explored and master a set of self evaluation method, and with this kind of management and evaluation as the core strategy succeeded in improving the school. This paper will take Britain Woodland Grange and primary school

Hazelwick middle school as the example, this paper introduces the British school management and evaluation of the target, content, method, and based on this, sums up the characteristics.

A, Britain Woodland Grange elementary school and middle school of management and Hazel wick evaluation policy

(a) Woodland Grange primary school of management

And evaluation policy

Woodland Grange elementary school a dry British leicester city than town Odysseus Grange farm, founded in 1991, is a private school; The school has 4 a 10 year old students more than 400. The school high quality, in 2008 is evaluated the outstanding school education bureau.

1. The management and evaluation of the target

Woodland Grange primary school of management for [and] and evaluation target includes six aspects: maintain and develop some effective and reliable practice, the practice teaching plan, control to revise the teaching implementation, improve school courses, improve the effectiveness of the leadership and management school provide basic basis; Strengthen supervision and evaluation of the purpose, scientific and practical, and for external evaluation provide specific, real, rich inner foundation; Develop a common sense of mission; Use more wide range of professional knowledge and the Angle of view; To promote teachers' teaching level and the professional quality improved; Make the development of the school work to make good self center evaluation and self development thought as guidelines.(责任编辑:BUG)

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