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First, business ethics and corporate performance.

A: 1, business ethics: business ethics refers to enterprise specific social and economic organization, relying on public opinion, traditions and inner conviction to maintain the moral principles, ethics and morality to the evaluation of good and evil for the standard push Synthesis of activities. Enterprises can be divided into organizational ethics and the ethics of individual employees in accordance with the moral activities of the main different. An important part of business ethics is not only the moral fabric of society, but also a concrete manifestation of the principle of social morality in the enterprise. It is the personification of the enterprises, production and business activities in the natural quest. The sum of social interaction, to be followed by a code of conduct designed to regulate enterprises and the state, enterprises and enterprises, enterprises and units, companies and competitors, business and serve as well as internal, relations. Corporate ethics is unified recognition of the enterprises and employees of common ethical standards, it has a utilitarian, groups, the characteristics of the practice, inheritance, and five times.
Firm Performance: Performance, also known as performance, performance, effectiveness, reflect the accomplishments and achievements of people to engage in a particular activity. We usually refer to business performance refers to business management activities effectiveness and efficiency. The latter is a service for the former. Contains two meanings for the performance of the enterprise, an organizational performance, is to organize the results of the final operation and management; an individual performance, that is, whether the individual in accordance with the rules to do something
3, the relationship between the two: First, business ethics can evoke and inspire the enthusiasm of all staff career to reach the best purpose improve business performance. The pursuit of corporate performance is an important goal of the production and operation activities, only the best business performance in order to effectively protect the enterprise's survival and development. Business ethics reflects and plays a variety of functions, positive adjuvant enterprise business development, and economic efficiency of enterprises, will undoubtedly increase social wealth and promote social development, which is one of the highest goal of the ethics. This must be through the coordination of relations between various interests, to strengthen business ethics education, so that the faith of their own love, dedication, discipline, honest labor and fair competition, collaboration and courage to the values ​​of innovation, etc., to become all employees and conscious behavior, in order to stimulate the workers a strong sense of collective pride and corporate responsibility, with wholehearted enthusiasm, actively engaged in business activities, create more and better products. Here, corporate ethics and released from the cohesion and impetus, all employees with corporate objectives in order to be closely tied to a huge impetus to promote the improvement of business performance. Second, corporate ethics to prevent and curb the negative effects of the enterprise, to ensure the correct direction of development and the improvement of business performance. Business ethics by some significant relationship between the conduct of enterprises to provide the correct value-oriented, will be able to better prevent the negative projection of the corporate behavior, enterprises into sustainable development of the healthy track, so as to ensure the improvement of business performance. For example, in the relations of economic and social benefits, corporate ethics and attach importance to the economic benefits at the same time, also stressed that to be the value of human life, social activities, consumer interests, social mental outlook and the balance of nature bear a high degree of responsibility. On the relationship between competition and collaboration, socialist enterprises moral claim to improve the level of technology, improve management, improve product quality, reduce cost of goods and other means to enhance their competitiveness against taking unfair tactics to undermine the interests of others. Enterprises and national and personal interests, business ethics stressed to take into account the interests of the three, to ensure the authority of the national interest to ensure that the personal interests of enterprise employees and corporate reproduction needs. Only in this way to act in accordance with the moral law, in order to ensure the correct direction of the enterprise, sustainable development and corporate performance.(责任编辑:英语论文代写)

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