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商业策略报告Assignment怎么写: Business strategy report

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Due: 5 pm Friday Week 11截止时间:周五下午5点11周
Reports must be submitted in both hardcopy and electronic copy via the MySCU assignment drop box by the due date.报告必须在截止日期前提交印刷版和电子版通过的MySCU的分配下拉框。
Length: 4000 words maximum (excluding executive summary,reference list and any appendices).A penalty of 5% of available marks will be applied for every 100 words over this limit.长度:4000字以内(不包括执行摘要,参考文献列表和任何附录)。将超过此限制为每100字标记可用5%的罚款。
Weighting: 55%
A key concern of strategic management is making prudent and effective use of an organisation’s resources and capabilities to achieve the organisation’s goals in light of prevailing external conditions. Thus, for this assessment you are required to choose one of two prescribed case study organisations and conduct an analysis of that organisation’s internal and external environments, then make recommendations as to how the organisation might maintain or improve its competitive advantage.战略管理的一个关键问题是谨慎和有效地利用组织的资源和能力,以实现组织的目标在当时的外部条件。因此,本次评估中,您需要选择其中的两个规定的情况下,研究组织,该组织的内部和外部环境进行分析,然后提出建议,如何组织可能维持或改善其竞争优势。



MNG00417 - 单位信息15
• Students must base their report around one of two real-world tourism, hospitality,or event organisations prescribed by the Unit Assessor. The Unit Assessor will advise you early on in the session as to which organisations you may base your report around.
MNG00417 – Unit Information 15这种评估工作必须提交学术报告格式,酒店管理留学生作业指定在以下分节的详细信息
• This assessment must be presented in academic report format, the details of which are specified in the following sub-section.
• You must cite a minimum of five (5) academic references in compiling this report.•您必须举一个最小的五(5)学术文献,在编制本报告
• You must also cite a minimum of six (6) newspaper and/or industry/trade journal articles throughout specified sections of the report. Details of this requirement are spelt out in the following sub-section.•您必须还列举了至少六(6)报纸和/或工业/贸易杂志的物品中指定部分的报告。下面的子节中详细阐述了这一要求。
Guidelines to your business strategy report(责任编辑:BUG)

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