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2The Life Circle of a Family Enterprise
Family enterprise is an ancient and "short" enterprise organization form. Say it old, because it is the oldest one business forms. In private ownership conditions, the history of the earliest enterprise is family businesses. Say it "short" because, developed so far, the family enterprises in life cycle has the "rich only three generations" the continuation of the law.
According to the American college of a family business studies show that about 70% of family enterprises failed to pass Wal-Mart
To the next generation, 88% failed to spread to the third generation, only 3% of the family enterprises in the fourth generation and later still in the business. In China, family enterprise more "rich only three generations," said. Data shows, the family business with a life expectancy of 24 years, the founder of the right with enterprise average working years same; About 30 percent of the family enterprise can be uploaded to the second generation hands, which had less than 2/3 of the enterprise can spread to the third generation, the latter about 13 percent of the enterprise can spread the third generation. While China family-based private enterprise life span shorter. From these data we can see, family enterprise can sustainable development down is not much.
3The Present Development of Family Enterprise
Family enterprises in the world as the most universal significance of enterprise organization form play a vital role in the world economy. In the world, both developed and developing countries, the family businesses on the growth and development of the stubborn. American scholar Kerlin thinks "Gail even the most conservative estimate also thinks a family owned or operated enterprise in the world enterprises 65% to 80% between. The world top 500 enterprises in a 40% by family owned or operated".(责任编辑:cari)

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