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Hence banks attempt to magnify the degree of off-shoring scale is not fully following the shareholder theory, but undoubtedly the gain from the activity does comply with shareholder theory, and should be justifiable .
Evaluation of bank's decision through multifiduciary stakeholder theory:
From the perspective of Freeman’s multifiduciary stakeholder model, it underlines manager is liable for all stakeholders’ benefits and bears fiduciary obligation to all stakeholders. Each decision should be made based on the interests of all stakeholders. In this case, the stocks are bank, employee, community, consumer, government, off-shoring company, stockholders, and contractor company. As mentioned before, banks, government, contractor company and stockholders can more or less obtain benefits from off-shoring.
Government can take part of benefits from off-shoring because of more efficient work can be done outside of and GDP growth will be shifted up. Evidences are provided by (Julian, 2005)
The most unfairly treated stakeholder is employee. The interests gained from the decision to spread off-shoring are built based on the sacrifice of employee. Despite the decreased salary when employees who are told to go overseas, they still lose explicit rights. Firstly, the high-trained staff is often over-educated when they go to a comparable poor country; their talents cannot be exerted in the reason of no high-tech stuff or special knowledge. There are not many prospects for the career development and skill improvement of employee which is indicated by (Patrick, 2007) Secondly, a new working environment will induce multifarious communication troubles and company culture, which is troublesome for employee who cannot comprehend the colleagues who are working in the other country. Moreover, the time difference between countries will lead contingency and inconvenience for liaisons process, the functions which are off-shored may not get connection with headquarter in time. Thirdly, (Martin, 2012) carries out that when off-shoring increase the unemployment rate of Australia, on account of banks or companies would like employ highly educated staff from developing country which are paid at lower rate of wage. As a result, domestic staff would lose their job positions, and then people who are still working will pay more taxes to compensate the replaced workers under Centrelink. This is absolutely unjustifiable and unreasonable; employee will purchase free lunch for the banks or other businesses which already adopted off-shoring. Banks can gain productivity in terms of other stakeholder’s blood.
Furthermore, local community may also suffer in this activity. (Martin 2012) demonstrates that the amounts of workers in Australian manufacturing factor is 1.4 million out of 13 million total population in 1974, but in 2012 it is only 900000 workers. This is a unavoidable issue for us to ponder over, since the wages of labors never go down, preferring foreign labors is the optimal option rather than give out extra money, the manufacturing to Australian GDP is massively declined.(责任编辑:BUG)

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