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In consideration with consumers’ interests, this is an important moral issue. While the scale of off-shoring IT activities are magnified, consumers will experience less efficient banking operation process and more possibilities of operating errors thanks to lack of employee in domestic country. Time is money and customer is the lord. Banks seem to violate both of the potential rules. Thus from the disobedience of taking all obligations for stakeholders, banks are not ethically proper to signify the decision.
Reasons of Bank and other businesses will not self-regulate:
Before adopting the strategy of self-regulation, banks and other businesses will consider whether their competitors will do so. In addition to this case, banks will contemplate the price they will pay which is caused by the benefits that off-shoring can bring and the cost to stay far away from this activity. It seems that shift functions out to a lower-cost location over long period seems to be a new started trend within financial sector. Banks are likely linked with “prisoner dilemma”.
From the aspect of Bank's own interest, banks is satisfied with the proceeds which are procured from off-shoring. (Wirth&Gentle, 2003) shows by changing functions to cheaper locations can increase the ability of banks' organizational resilience, for example if any IT infrastructure problem or failure occurred in banks' Australian branches, bank own more outside ability from contractor's country to recover from this event. What is more, (Sundaramoorthy &Rieker, 2004)points out that different time zone may be not an disadvantage of off-shoring jobs. Banks can set two call centers in both off-shoring country and off-shored country, then they exploit this advantage to perform 24 hour call centre service for customers, even weekends. Therefore, as a competitor in banking sector, each bank will adore these positive effects and is unlikely to set limitations or restrictions in off-shoring, if it does so, which means the bank will discard the chance of receiving business continuity. Bank cannot neglect shareholders' benefits by choosing the moral strategy to do the self-regulation.
Since there is no sufficient regulation by regulator in banks' off-shoring activities, banks' incentive to self-regulation is eliminated. In the aspect of banks' own influence power within industry, one single bank cannot affect anything by only unilateral self-regulate. They are theoretically incompetent to achieve the regulation. Another important thing that drives the possibility of banks' self-regulation is that the immense industry pressure such as fear of the banking sector of equity market turn to be depressed if banks do not participate off-shoring but the other sector for example manufacturing sector does. Banks and Banking sector have to find different ways to raise profit margin. Another point of why off-shoring becomes so momentous in Banking industry, is the successful pioneers already profit a lot for example the substantial increase of HSBC Holdings PLC's share price after taking part in off-shoring. Off-shoring seems to become a token to prove bank is eminent and healthy. Those who do not join may be in danger, the action of self-regulation may deliver message to shareholders that banks are reluctant to cut down the cost and they will question banks' ability and sustainability. In addition that the losses of confidence will result in the sale of banks' equity, the stock price might fall in a long period. None of the banks could assure the other banks would fairly contribute self-regulation to return the welfare to the community. In the market, none of them want to be superseded by the others.(责任编辑:BUG)

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