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To take a global view with this case, due to Australia has lower labor cost than US and Europe, the adoption of off-shoring in Australian banking industry is later than those countries. Banks outside Australia already acquire lots of benefits from exploitation of off-shoring, they may have rebutter and healthier banking system. With the effect of globalization, it is hardly for banks in Australia to deviate the dominant development of the future, or it will lead Australian banking sector become disjointed with the global banking. Then the incidence might be a drag on Australian banking growth and prospects.
Reasons of government will not introduce regulation:
As we identified why banks are unwilling to follow the self-regulation action, consumers are complaining why government do not carry out external regulation to protect their rights, employee are grumbling why government do not stop and confine the scope of off-shoring to alleviate domestic unemployment rate. Actually the government does have the intention to do so, but reality is that miscellaneous factors stops government's further action in regard to the regulation. Firstly, a bulk of countries have adopted IT off-shoring. And it seems that companies and banks will undertake off-shoring contracting through internet communication hence they can ignore the location difference. With the unstoppable growing of off-shoring, government is hardly to intervening and regulating the activities unless it strengthens auditing to banks' operation or overturn the traditional procedure of off-shoring to enforce a new means to continue the activity. Moreover, government would have to audit the transactions with the other party which is far away from the nation. Therefore if the audit occurs, government should get permission from the other country to tracking the transaction . The increased time spent and Auditing fees will engender both trouble to government and banks. Costs may exceed the gain to force a law.
From another aspect, off-shoring can generate job opportunity for the developing countries. Thus residences in developing countries can go out of poverty, and it can provide them a bright prospect. It also expresses a symbol that a fair economic situation between countries as relative poor country has the chance to develop quicker. The poor country has strong demand in new technology knowledge. If government tries to intensify the degree of regulation, it may symbolize that government is destroying the chance of growth for developing country. Though the unemployment rate problem is not negligible problem, government can still find other financial strategies to fix it in disregard of regulation. Government can partake the benefit to its GDP and do moderate sacrifice is necessary, take a little, give a little, this is the rule.
Moreover, government's regulation is constrained by the difficulty of regulation of trade in service. (Phill,2009) clearly illustrates that the two imperative conditions to conduct regulation are: "The government can observe what actions firms are taking, and any proposed policy must be credible and enforceable. " These conditions are hard to accompany with regulation peacefully. Government's action might put banks in poor position and banks are even immune to the regulation. As mention before, government is less likely to know what the banks' employee actually doing and where they are doing the service, and obviously banks would not betray themselves to impart all the information to regulator. To explain the reason of government's action more deeply, even it wants to stop banks in doing off-shoring , what can they do? Telling them not to layoff employee? Would it threaten if they do not comply then tehy will be kicked out? Or charge fine from banks and tell them the reason is that they bring GDP to the government? Government has insufficient competence to oversee the operation in bits and bytes zipping via the internet, they also have no capacity to monitor how banks cater foreign customers.(责任编辑:BUG)

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