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APRA (the Australian prudential regulation authority) is the main regulator and has the responsibility to do the prudential regulation to banks. But its main objective is to make sure bank hold adequate liquid asset, improve the soundness of financial assets and manage the possible risks. Off-shoring can assist to reduce capital illiquidity. In consideration of the obligation of regulation authority, government seems to impede the regulation and has to lead to different sort of disputation and debate.
Possible conclusion that external regulation in globalised economy may lead:
Due to the economic development and the effects of globalization, the codes of conduct in firms and corporate responsibility have been emphasized by (Rhys, 2001). Countries stand aloof with social democratic, they are free to trade with others and cooperate to bring economic benefits to their society. If an external regulator comes to interrupt the global businesses, this must bring a wave of market disarray to the whole world because companies' stability would be stopped by the sudden regulation to global businesses and then may influence the country's steady growth. Take the case of off-shoring, if the external regulation sets up a series of principles to restrict the activity, those developing countries which can benefit from it would lose the opportunity to catch up with developed country.
For instance, India may suffer unemployment rate, the Indian employee will lose their jobs, and this may result in the global shortage of workers. Because most of work are done by them. Despite of the possibility that whether developing would comply with the external regulation, the global productivity would be forced to go down, which shifts the goods or service price go up in other country, which means inflation might be speeded up. Hence people might question why external regulation exist, for the sake of global economic protection or more deeply consolidate firms' codes of conduct? But what about the responsibility of firms to their shareholders. The price to pay as external laws' appearance will outweigh the so-called stability of global economy.
Consequently, there is no absolutely right or wrong decision when taking consideration to a ethical view. Off-shoring is a awesome example to illustrate this point. It can contribute quality and quantity of employment to countries which are industrialized and have agreed with trade liberalization. But it can also bring wage-differentiation and unfair treat to low-skilled employee when the demand for high-skilled labor is heightened. As (Jensen, Kirkegaard& Laugesen, 2006) mentioned, "the development of policies that ensure social inclusion and distributional justice thus become a central issue." Since the welfare and undesirable effect are both brought by this action, banks and government are in quandary whether to continue or refrain it.When trying to fulfill one party's requirement, they have dumped the responsibility for the other party. Furthermore, regulation is not easy to accomplish for the entity itself, the government , or the externality. The unilateral effort to comply with corporate social responsibility is out of capacity. However, it might be a promising way to enhance regulation if the consensus of most countries' view can be completed.(责任编辑:BUG)

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