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Preliminary reading list:

Bakic-Hayden, Milica (1995) ‘Nesting Orientalisms: The Case of Former Yugoslavia’, Slavic Review 54 (4): 917-938. – Distributed in class.
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8. Representing Migration

In the modern world, migration often becomes an object of moral panics. In this session, we shall examine various examples of representations of immigration as a social threat. We shall pay attention both to the assumptions underpinning such representations as well as to their relationships with particular institutional practices and legislation. Finally, we should situate both in relation to specific historical developments, especially uneven development and the rise of nation-states.

Lecture reading:

Cohen, Stanley (2002) ‘Moral Panics as Cultural Politics: Introduction to the Third Edition’, pp. vii-xxxvii in Cohen, Stanley (2002 [1972]) Folk Devils and Moral Panics (3rd edition). London and New York: Routledge.
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King, Russel and Nancy Wood (eds.) (2001) Media and Migration: Constructions of Mobility and Difference. London: Routledge. (chapters 1, 3 and 4)(责任编辑:admin)

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